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6 Reasons Why The Ukulele Is A Great Starting Instrument

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Now, we’ve seen several videos and vlogs going viral as people are performing the most outstanding home shows with their tiny ukuleles. Traditionally, we all believe the Ukulele is a Hawaiian instrument, but it actually originated in Europe and was introduced to the Hawaiians in the 19th century by the Portugues. Its relatively short neck and four plastic strings essentially make it a lot easier than the guitar and is therefore a favorite of those trying it out for the first time. If you are thinking of learning to play an instrument, here are 6 reasons why this little fella might be the right choice to start with.

It’s easy to real and a lot of fun to handle

With the Ukulele, you can easily manage the first 3 or 4 chords in no time, there are easy ukulele songs on Ukulele Tabs. Even a quick Youtube tutorial will do the trick, and after some time you’ll get better and better. When it comes to learning a new instrument, what is keeping you motivated is the initial success. Once you’ve accomplished that, you’ll want to keep going since you’ve finally learned something. Therefore, if you have never played any instrument and are more than eager to learn, the Ukulele is a great start.

Compact and nice to have around

When it comes to this little instrument, the part standing out the most is its size and how easy it is to just have and carry around. You can practically bring it with you, no matter the time or place. It easily fits in your backpack or any sort of bag and is not heavy on the arms. Now, this is especially appropriate for beginners, as practice makes perfect. The more you practice the better you become. Thus, you can even learn more at Acoustic Bridge and read more about a wide range of string instruments. The Ukulele has become a staple of every fun and enjoyable party, always making people smile. And its size allows you to carry it with you, and have it at your disposal whenever you are in the mood of hitting those strings. The best part is, almost all the songs out there sound amazing on this instrument and can easily be played. This means you can finally play your favorite song, not exactly the same, but close enough- enough to make you want to practice even more.

It’s affordable and comes at a low price

Another amazing thing about the Ukulele is its affordable price and how inexpensive they have become. Pianos, for example, might be an immediate upfront expenditure, and even guitars, while less expensive than a piano, nevertheless come at a cost; however, this is not the case with the Ukulele. The price range can vary depending on the quality, but in most cases, even a schoolboy can pay for it with his lunch money.

You can easily upgrade to something more complicated

When it comes to string instruments, they vary in size and complicity. Most are easy to learn if you had some sort of experience in the past, but if you have never held an instrument in your hands, and you would love to someday learn to play guitar, then start with this bad boy. The Ukulele is, in the end, a string instrument and once you get the catch, the rest follows naturally, as they aren’t that different.

They are not show-offs

The Ukulele is the least pretentious instrument you can think of, and the best part is everybody loves them. If you are thinking of learning how to play, and maybe you are scared of how it will look and if it makes you feel a bit egoistic, then believe us, this instrument is the exact opposite. Whatever you fear, the truth is that the Ukulele sounds friendly, familiar and can take you to distant places. It is a great campfire instrument creating a unique Hawaiian-like atmosphere, and, as said, it does not look ostentatious at all.

Perfect for kids

If you are looking for an instrument for your kid maybe and not yourself, do not look any further. The Ukulele will be a lot of fun without them getting stressed out about anything, as they would with other instruments. Remember, if the instrument is for the kid, it is important that he or she loves playing it. All the fun is gone if he or she has to play 6 to 8 hours per day just to learn the basics, therefore make it easy on them by giving them this little instrument they’ll instantly love.

We hope you’ll find these reasons convincing enough to start playing Ukulele and learning how to. Do not let your fear become your enemy.

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