A WILHELM SCREAM to release a new album next year

A WILHELM SCREAM have announced that their new album will be released in the spring of next year and will be more of what they describe “a collaborative effort”.

They write:

When is the new record coming out? Brian Robinson: SPRING!…. My plan has come to fruition. Mike [Supina, guitar] arranged and wrote a few songs on the record and they’re great. He also came up with the lyrics and melodies for those songs. I think this record is going to be a much more collaborative effort from everybody, adding all the wonderful stuff they do, you know? I mean, I basically said, “Hey, who’s the best bassist I know? Brian Robinson. Okay, let’s get him in the band. Who’s Nick Angelini? There he is. He feels the music.” Then Brian called up Mike. We have a very creative and awesome lineup. It’s great when everybody writes their own stuff; everybody has the same sense of pride and ownership in our music.

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