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A-Z of technical deathcore / metalcore act MONASTERIES!

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These are erratic songs of rage, songs to invoke the primal fear within you, songs that will seduce your dark passenger, causing you to dance alongside us. These are lyrical themes of angst and anguish, brought forth from the bleak lives that each and every single human leads, presented in cacophanous voice. Enter MONASTERIES!

Monasteries recently announced joining US based label Seek And Strike Records, joining an amazing roster with bands such as Upon A Burning Body and Orbit Culture. Over the previous three singles the band landed coverage with the likes of Metal Hammer, Idobi Radio, Primordial Radio, Slam Worldwide, Kerrang Radio, Knotfest, Slam Worldwide and more.

Monasteries have previously toured the UK and Europe extensively with the likes of Sea Of Treachery, I Declare War and Nexilva, and have a busy upcoming tour schedule playing shows with Gassed Up, Acrania, Within Destruction, Tenside and many more.

Listen to the band’s new killer track One Minute To Midnight, pre-order their new EP ‘Silence’, coming up on April 23rd, and check out our A-Z special below!



A = Amsterdam: That time we played a venue that completely flooded before the set. No amount of mopping the venue owner could do was ever going to fix that problem but he gave it his best!

B = Bellinzona: Standing at the side of the motorway before our show in Switzerland rubbing toothpaste into our mosquito bites because we didn’t have any other way to numb the pain.

C = Continental Breakfast: To this day, our guitarist Aaron is still entirely unsure what a Continental Breakfast is. Is it just cold ham?

D = Destruction Derby: The first time we ever played an outdoor festival. I’m pretty sure we all got the most sunburn anyone has ever gotten from that show

E = Edge of The Earth: For the biggest road trip sing along going, Volumes have got you covered.

F = Fashion Crimes: Getting arrested before shooting one of our music videos (and let go immediately after the confusion was cleared up) while wearing Leopard Print jackets and Bondage Harnesses

G = Garlic Butter Potatoes: The time Ben decided he wanted to eat cold garlic butter potatoes covered in sauce for dinner on tour, put them in Aaron’s bag and the sauce exploded all into Aaron’s battery pack and everything smelled like Garlic Butter for days.

H = Hangover: Swearing on tour that you’ll never drink again.

I = Inhales: Josh’s least favourite vocal technique, he hates it so much he hasn’t breathed in in over 20 years.

J = Jigsaw: Jigsaw Audio, home of the monster producer that is Myroslav Boris, who did our Pulmonary Failure / Silence EP’s and Amygdala single

K = Koblenz: When our guitarist Ben got so drunk that the name of the town became a synonym for getting wasted

L = Loki Films: Shaun Hodsen, cinematography genius, the brains and braun behind our last three videos.

M = MVP: The best breakdown of all time, no questions asked.

N = Newcastle Brown: The first time Dan and Aaron drank together and challenged each other to see who could drink the most units…….we were young

O = “The” Ohio: Homeland of Aaron’s fake American persona, and the wildmen in Sea of Treachery.

P = “Jakey” P: Such a good merch guy that he literally sold the shirt off of his back at a show one time.

Q = Quitting the Band: Everyone quits the band multiple times a day, technically there are no members in Monasteries anymore because we’ve all quit at least 30 times this week already, but somehow we just keep getting pulled back in.

R = Rebellion: Venue in Manchester, had some of our best (and a few of our worst) shows in that place.

S = Satan’s Hollow: Another Manchester spot. Once again had some of the best nights out there, and some of the worst. Seeing our old guitarist fall through the emergency exit doors into a bright white room and then disappearing still haunts me to this day.

T = Two: You know we had to do it to em. The answer to anything, and everything.

U = Underworld: The first show we had cancelled due to Coronavirus was going to be at the Camden Underworld. At least I think it was, it’s been so long now.

V = Van Door: It always falls off. Why does it always fall off? And why is it always on the last day of a tour / weekender?

W = Wine Lords: A shop near to our old lockup that sold so much boujee stuff……..that we’d completely ignore for the cans of Four Loko.

X = Xylophone: I couldn’t think of anything for X so screw it, next song we write I’m putting some Xylophone in.

Y = “Days ending with” Y: Those are the days that are best to listen to top riffs on, I dunno I’m struggling here.

Z = ZZZZ: The sound a bee makes when it flies. According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly.

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