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Album of the month: “Fragments Of A Bitter Memory” by Portland vicious metalcore band DYING WISH!

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Portland-based blistering metalcore five-piece DYING WISH have shared the full stream of their absolutely crushing new albm “Fragments Of A Bitter Memory“, ou now via SharpTone Records. Coming as one of the most powerful, satisfying and bruisingly heavy records of its age, the hard-hitting 11-tracker is both dizzying with its tempo shifts and literally devastating with its heavy parts. The band’s passionate music fuses New Wave of American Heavy Metal and chaos-driven punk noises, and with “Fragments Of A Bitter Memory” their bring in powerfully honest, refreshingly unfiltered, and tightly crafted instant classic.

Check out the band’s new music video for the title track above and go here to see their recent performance at the legendary Furnace Fest!

“We had never worked in a setting like that, where we’re all kind of living at the studio for weeks, making an album”, bassist Andrew Le says of the recording process. “We came into our own as a band”.

The results are focused, explosive, and powerful. The album opens with “Cowards Feed, Cowards Bleed”, a visceral barnstormer expressing the exasperated feeling of being fed up.

“The first line in cowards feed, cowards bleed ‘your demons don’t lie and neither do mine’ sets the tone for the message of the song”, shares guitarist Pedro Carrillo. “When I wrote It I was in a headspace of pure anger towards anyone and everything. I wanted to showcase that every person has a limit to the amount of shit they can take everyday. Once someone’s pushed to their limit they will ultimately act out in a violent fashion. So, the lines in the song are made to promote violence and to not be remorseful for it. You’ve pushed me too far and all I see is red now type of feeling. I’ve become the villain and I’m not going to stop until you’re gone. All of this coincided with the music video perfectly because we incorporated the red aspect with the blood rain falling on us. It is a nod to feeling pure rage toward the circumstances you’re in. Us in white outfits in the beginning and then turning them completely red at the last half of the song is reminiscent of someone flipping the switch in their brain where they go ‘that’s it, I’m not taking this anymore. Fuck you’. We all are capable of becoming the villain”.

Dying Wish is the unrelenting and unforgiving sound of struggle, who carries on the tradition of a subculture that serves as inspiration and rallying cry for justice. Equality, dignity, and self-determination are enduring themes in this music, a spirit more vital than ever. Invisible Oranges described the first demo as “joyous, unflinching violence”.

In less than three years after their formation, and ahead of their debut album, Dying Wish has already been nominated for “Best International Band” at the UK’s Heavy Music Awards, as well as have been called, not once, but twice, one of the best new bands out right now” by Revolver. Brooklyn Vegan has also listed the band’s forthcoming album is one of the top most-anticipated releases of 2021.

Dying Wish

Decimating stages alongside likeminded bands (including Terror, Comeback Kid, and Jesus Piece) Dying Wish is part of a resurgence in postmodern noisecore, mentioned in the same breath as groups like Code Orange and their friends in Knocked Loose. Following successful tours with Counterparts and SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Dying Wish hunkered down in their native Portland, Oregon, to compose their debut full-length for SharpTone Records.

Dying Wish align themselves with the continuing battle for liberation, encompassing the issues affecting BIPOC, the environment, policing, and more intersectional causes while dealing in personal tribulation and trauma in equal measure. They make music aimed at unity but without compromise. Abolition, revolution, and liberation, in spirit and song, is the heart of Dying Wish.


“Fragments of a Bitter Memory” is out October 1, 2021 via SharpTone Records.

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