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Albums That Changed Jeremy’s (TOUCHE AMORE) Life

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TOUCHE AMORE‘s Jeremony Bolm talks about albums that changed his life in a new Alter The Press! feature. TOUCHE AMORE have recently premiered a new song. Go here to watch the video.

Nirvana – In Utero

My first two favorite bands when I was about 8 years old were Pearl Jam and Nirvana. This was about 1991 or so. When In Utero dropped in September of 93 I was fully in. Even at ten years old, though I didn’t understand a lot of the lyrics and references, I understood the passion. It scared me. I became obsessed. “Milk It” is the kind of song that can never be covered. The little laugh he does during the last chorus makes the whole album for me. It’s the little things. When Kurt [Cobain] passed away the next year the day before my birthday, I remember taking it personally. Nirvana will forever be the band who had the biggest impact on my life.

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