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ALCATRAZ / PAURA April European dates [UPDATE]

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San Francisco’s ALCATRAZ and Sao Paulo’s PAURA will be touring Europe from April 11th till April 29th. The booking is launched via [email protected]. Initial dates can be see below:


Tour Dates:
13.04.2013 Nürtingen – Ajz am Bahnhof (Germany)
26.04.2013 Ulm – Beteigeuze (Germany)

ALCATRAZ emerges from the bay area hardcore scene with a demo, a MCD on Rock Vegas Prodcutions and a split 7″ with Germanys Final Prayer on Demons Run Amok!
The San Francisco based hardcore five piece influenced by the likes of DEATH THREAT, RINGWORM, INTEGRITY, HOODS and BURIED ALIVE! “Fast, loud, aggressive, just the way we like it!” They were on a short European run with FIRST BLOOD and their European fans were way more than pleased with that.

Featuring current and ex-members of: First Blood, Embrace The End, Execution Style, Allegiance, In Memoriam, Set Your Goals, and Breaker Breaker.

The first full length album entitled “Smile Now Cry Later” came out in late 2011 and laid down the foundations for the new beginning of ALCATRAZ.

Brutally sincere, raw and uncompromising, “Smile Now Cry Later sets in stone that ALCATRAZ are willing to push the boundaries of American hardcore to their hilt.
A couple of tours (like Japan with “SET YOUR GOALS”) in 2012 and shows all over the United States followed with bands like XIBALBA, TWITCHING TONGUE, TAKE OFFENSE, ALPHA & OMEGA, TERROR..just to name a few.

The future is sure to be bright and busy for the band and with a strong commitment from all members to tour constantly hard, they are planning to head overseas to take Europe by storm!

ALCATRAZ 2013 San Francisco hardcore at its hardest!

Hardcore music. Extreme. The limit. The wall after which there is no expression that denotes a higher intensity. The endpoint. PAURA: fear taken to its ultimate consequences. The fear we have of ourselves. Our endpoint.

Our end point begins in 1995.

Time when the hardcore music scene reviews some of the concepts of the old school, and lose the shame of admitting that the adolescents’ acnes of ’80s metal left permanent marks on its face. The four original members played in other bands of the era: No-Violence, Kangaroos in Tilt and Garage Fuzz. In late 1996, the CD ‘First Release’ (Family Trust Records) comes out with seven songs, which were originally made for the demo-tape format. As almost all members were in their respective main bands, PAURA performed few, but memorable shows with this lineup. Watching a PAURA’s concert started to become something much anticipated by those who liked hardcore.

Soon the band felt the need for a second guitarrist, and this became the final drawing. From that point on, PAURA was a mission for five people.


PUBLISHED on November 30, 2012.
UPDATED on December 21, 2012 – first dates revealed.

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