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ALEXISONFIRE interviewed by Bombshell Zine

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Deborah Konopnicki from Bombshell Zine recently caught up with Wade from ALEXISONFIRE for a chat about the band’s farewell shows, GALLOWS and more.


December is the Alexisonfire farewell tour – as you mentioned. It was incredibly exciting to see that the rumors about it happening came to fruition. You guys must be stoked that you get to close the finial chapters with these shows.

Yeah, that’s exactly it. It’s nice that we can come back to it and do one last tour. It’s something that’s really good and something that’s really positive and have it be a celebration of what we did as a band rather than be some tired grinding thing. We’re ready to call it a day. We can’t think of a better place to do it than Australia.

Was it something that you planned initially when the breakup occurred, or was it only something that you recently got talking about?
I think when the breakup occurred; it wasn’t something that we were talking about at all. Then there were a few things that happened after that. Dallas was in a bar in Australia and some guy just came up and talked to him. He talked to him about how Alexisonfire changed his life so Dal emailed us about all of that. Right around that time I was in Thailand. Met this kid in Bangkok in this bar district. We sat down and talked about the band for ages. I was thinking about how crazy it was a how far away from home we were and he was talking about the music that we made in my mum’s basement. It’s really mind-blowing to have something like that happen. Something like that has such an effect, especially globally. I emailed the guys back and told them about that, and it kind of got the ball rolling and got us talking about doing these re-union shows. Not a re-union show, but a final show. I think we started talking about doing one show, which turned into a bunch of Canadian shows, which turned into an Australian tour, a South American tour and an English tour. I’m happy that it’s happened that way. It’s going to be great. We’ve got a lot of people everywhere, we’ve had some amazing shows over the years and I’m so glad that we can get out there and play some more.

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Photo by Daniel Bray.

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