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Alt noise punk rockers THE FERAL YOUNG team up with chaotic metallic hardcore pack RATS WILL FEAST for a sick new live session: LIVE FROM THE LODGE

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Turku, Finland based noise rock / punk / alternative four piece THE FERAL YOUNG have teamed up with their good friends and our recent guests RATS WILL FEAST for an amazing joint recorded live show in Turku Finland, filmed at VR studios during the pandemic and now available for streaming!

THE FERAL YOUNG are all about distorted feedback guitars, catchy melodies and volatile live energy on stage. They have been referred to have similarities with acts like Refused, Metz and Everytime I Die. They have released two EPs, the first being a self release and the second by Kaos Kontrol Records and are currently working on releasing their first full length album in 2022 via Suicide Records.

RATS WILL FEAST is a four piece modern hardcore band based in Jyväskylä, Finland. They play a blend of chaotic riffing and ambient soundscapes mixed with intense live performances. They have released a bunch of EPs and one full length album in 2019 called Scar city. If you like bands like Knocked Loose, Converge and Code Orange, then their music is for you.


“Since live shows were cancelled until the foreseeable future we thought of combining forces and making something for everyone missing live shows.” – comment THE FERAL YOUNG. “Though a video is nothing compared to actually seeing us play live we believe we managed to bring our intensity through the video and hope people enjoy this show as much as we enjoyed making it.”

RATS WILL FEAST are currently writing a follow-up album for their 2020 EP Songs Of A Racehorse and 2021 single Malady.

THE FERAL YOUNG are working on different projects relating to their debut album, that is going to be released in the spring of 2022 via Suicide Records. They are also planning to get back to playing live shows in 2022.

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