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Alt rockers RODERIK share new music, top under the radar emo pop punk rock bands worth a check

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New York alternative rock outfit RODERIK are out to construct a highly emotive contrast of poignant, thought-provoking lyrics with huge melodies and heart-rendering choruses. Combining musical elements with visual representation, the band showcases the honest truth of Salazar’s dark lyrics, stemming from his life experiences, ongoing battle with depression and influence from the dark side of literature and cinematography.

RODERIK are comprised of the fragments of bands that once reverberated through the vibrant Long Island music scene. Singer/songwriter Jake Anthony Salazar & guitarist Jay T. Sutherland set out with bassist David P. K., and drummer Danny Nugent, to rebuild and reformulate.

“Many books and musical instruments lay scattered about, but failed to give any vitality to the scene” – Edgar Allen Poe


Given it’s themes of isolation, madness and loneliness, it is fitting that a band whose name is derived from Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher, was formed during the early stages of a global pandemic.

RODERIK’s musical soundscape is one that mirrors their dexterous array of influences.

The band’s recent singles “Save Me”, “American Dream” and “You’ll Never Know” bring a foundation of alternative rock and post-hardcore, deftly infused with elements of pop, hip-hop and R&B.

Top 5 noteworthy bands you should check out, by RODERIK:


We met Misery! at Launch 2021, and since then they’ve been some of the nicest, most supportive people I’ve ever met. On top of that, they put out an EP last year that is absolutely stunning. Every song that was put out on their EP is so catchy, at least one of them always gets stuck in my head for months at a time. If you haven’t heard of them, make sure you check them out before they become the next big New Jersey band.


Funny enough, these guys were actually the last show I went to before the world imploded in 2020. I remember taking a long drive to Philly to see them play. Their music really hits me hard too because they’re so good at carefully blending such a wide array of genres while still remaining true to their pop punk roots. I’m beyond proud to call them my friends, and I can’t wait to see them blow up even more than they already have.

Øff Guard

Our local Long Island friends in Øff Guard are one of those bands that just consistently strike the right chords for me. Their so good at creating songs that make you feel something. We’ve spoken so many times about doing a tour together, it just hasn’t quite worked out yet, but I’m positive it’ll happen sooner or later. It would also be really cool since we featured their singer, Matt Weiss on our stripped version of “Save Me”.

Wolf Rd

We also met these guys at Launch Music Conference 2021, and have seen them build such an amazing following since. They’re a Chicago based pop punk/hardcore band, which is so cool to me because they’re all over the spectrum with their sound. It speaks volumes to me about their musicianship and instrumentation.

Card Reader:

Another Long Island friend of ours, we actually met back in 2021 at our first LI hometown show. Every since then we really hit it off. Not only do they put out incredible music, but they also put on a solid show. We’re hoping to get a run in with them this summer too!


RODERIK is: Jake Anthony Salazar – Vocals, Jay T. Sutherland – Guitar,  David P. K. – Bass, Danny Nugent – Drums.

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