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AMEBIX interviewed by Metalfan Romania

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Rob from AMEBIX recently did 2 interviews for Metalfan Romania.

You have reformed Amebix in 2008 and after three years you have released this album. When did you start the work on Sonic Mass?
Rob ‘the Baron’ Miller: we started the first tracks immediately after leaving Hellfest in France, June 23rd 2009, Roy started writing The Messenger in the van on the way back to England. After that the songs began to filter in, we then had to find time and space to record between Roys schedule and the three of us living in different countries.

Your music have been described as a crossover between crust punk and doom metal. Is this mixture of genre present on Sonic Mass? Could you tell us more about this matter?
Rob ‘the Baron’ Miller: I really dont know,as i dont think about our music within a genre specific context,Stig and I have never been afraid to experiment, taking the original inspiration of punk rock,which was to do what you want to do. Apparently some people are confused by the album, this is 24 years on from Monolith, and to me sounds like a natural progression, rather than something ‘comfortable’ for people to buy off the shelf.

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AMEBIX – “Knights of The Black Sun” video:

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