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“Amentia”: post rock architects DÛRGA paint a magnificent live video creation

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Almost one year since the release of their amazing record “De Lira Ire” (the Latin expression that originated the concept of delirium and insanity), powerful Valencian post rockers DÛRGA are back with a great, atmospheric, absorbing live video for one of the most powerful compsitions from the album, “Amentia”. We’re pleased to give you its special presentation, including the band’s first hand commentary about the idea behind both the track and the full record.

Since few months ago wanted to make a video for Amentia. At the same time, we had in mind to translate the energy and intensity of our concerts to a video. Therefore, we called or friend Raul Ventimilla and he came with us to Madrid to record the great evening we spend with our friends from Le Temps du Loups and Sudestada. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

Recorded live at Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid, Spain:

Amentia is one of the most powerful songs of the album, with different patterns and styles: hardcore, post-rock, some prog… It is inside our last record “De Lira Ire”, a conceptual album released on May 2018. Taking in themes like isolation, anxiety, addiction, suffering, loneliness and fear, the album has a clear narrative and a unifying mood: The stigmatization of mental health issues in our society. It is an outcry to societal labels loaded with judgment, prejudice and discrimination. A call to the society for a greater understanding. And a call to ourselves to be our true and authentic selves, and embrace the environment in which we feel comfortable and valued. It is also this drive and throughline to the music that explains the album title. De lira ire, meaning “to go out from the ploughed furrow”, is the Latin expression that later spawned the modern concept of the word “delirium”.

Dûrga by Fury State Photography

Asked about their future plans, they added:

So far we’ll play in Logroño the 16th of February and in March we’ll play Esmorga Fest in Sarria (Lugo), as well as few more dates in Galicia. In spring we plan to make a tour around Europe. Meanwhile, we’re starting to prepare new stuff for our next release.

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