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AMERICAN TELEVISION – “Explosions In This Guy” video

One year after our latest entry on punk rock act AMERICAN TELEVISION here on IDIOTEQ, we’re back with some cool news. The band have just released a video for their song ‘Explosions In This Guy’ from their 2016 EP, Reaction. The video features bassist Edwin Wikfors as a self-medicating clown who just can’t catch a break as he struggles to get to a paying gig. Although his attempt is less-than-perfect, the world just beats him down, like it does to all of us sometimes. Check out both the video and the full record below.

Catch the band live at the following dates:

Black Cat – Aug 11 w/ Piebald
Songbyrd – Sept 25 w/ The Queers & Svetlanas (Upstart Fest)
The Commune – Oct 22 w/ Boardroom Heroes, The Split Seconds and Curse Words

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