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ANIMALHAUS – “Boys From Barley Hill” video

ANIMALHAUS have premiered their music video for the song “Boys From Barley Hill”.

Schwenksville, PA band have just released their debut album entitled “The Boys From Barley Hill” via One Day Savior Records.

Here’s the official description:

“Animalhaus’ style of hardcore infused with punk rock has done something amazing in the suburban Philadelphia punk and hardcore scenes…it has brought them together. Kids you might never see in a million years together are now climbing all over each other when these guys play. This band is nothing but fun, Hell Party Takeover 2011.”

Animal Haus was formed in the spring of 2010, but the idea was born years ago when John Barlow and Ziggy were on the road with their old band, Barricade. Even though they enjoyed every minute on the road with their old project they knew they wanted to do something else, something that brought their love of hardcore back to its roots and, more importantly, back to being fun. With a line-up secure, the Haus recorded its demo in May, 2010, and it quickly made its rounds through the local scene and continues to spread far and fast. With the strength of the demo behind them, Animal Haus wasted no time in writing and recording a full length record to be release Jan 17th 2012 on OneDay Savior records. Head over to and stream or download our demo for FREE! and check out a list of all our upcoming shows.

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