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Another LAMB OF GOD album on the way?

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When JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford spoke to Loudwire about his advice on Randy Blythe, who just got released from prison, he mentions another LAMB OF GOD album that he’s apparently excited to hear.

Lamb Of God


Here’s what Rob had to say:

I can’t wait to hear him channel this into the music. Man, that next Lamb of God record is going to be like a nuclear bomb, because he’s going to be venting. He needs to get this out of his system.

Then he adds by giving Randy some advice:

Go home, see all your loved ones and your family, do all the hugging and kissing and crying, and then get on the fucking road and just explode. Vent. Vent it all out. I know that as musicians that’s what we do. I have a feeling that the next Lamb of God album is going to be colossal from an emotional point of view.


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