Art rock band RiGNA FOLK touring Europe this month; new music video released

The eccentric indie art rock act RIGNA FOLK have released the details of their upcoming European trek and have backed it up with a new video for their song ‘Kosmonavt’, mixing influences like PLACEBO, IAMX and SIGUR ROS. With their irresistible, almost dreamz delivery, RIGNA FOLK have done well to create a niche that feels almost their own. Interesting.

RiGNA FOLK is a band, which creates a parallel universe. A musical dream which captivates you between cosy sounds and profound audio experiences.
Expressive like Sigur Rós, metaphorical like Pink Foyd and keen on experimenting like Radiohead these four musicians merge elements of epic post rock, carrying instrumentals and a breath of electronica. Their visual addiction reflects in their live shows: large-sized projections with elements of the film noir join their dynamic and emotional live performance!

Tour dates:

07.10.2016 Theater Ulm, Ulm, DE
13.10.2016 Kulturfenster, Heidelberg, DE
15.10.2016 Cinetol, Amsterdam, NL
16.10.2016 Live Pul, Uden, NL
17.10.2016 Stereo Wonderland, Köln, DE
20.10.2016 Gabanyi, München, DE
21.10.2016 Baryton, Prague, CZ
22.10.2016 KD PLZEŇKA, Beroun, CZ
04.11.2016 Freudenzimmer, Berlin, DE
05.11.2016 Flowerpower, Leipzig, DE
12.11.2016 Tabakfabrik, Passau, DE
25.11.2016 Südstern, Landau, DE
26.11.2016 Grüner Jäger, Hamburg, DE
03.12.2016 Peer23, Mannheim, DE

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