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Atlanta based emotional punk trio THE CAROLYN share new video for “LBB”

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The Atlanta, Georgia- based emotional punk rock trio have recently released a video for their latest EP’s middle track “LBB”. Harmful History, the bands third release is a three song EP split with Starjuice from Buffalo, NY. The split record marks The Carolyn’s collaboration with 59 X Records, a small independent label from Atlanta and follows two full length albums since 2021.

LBB” is a melodic toe-tapper of a song. Alternating from punk rock fast guitar strums and chunk heavy bass, to slow crooning emotion over acoustic chords. The song is reminiscent of Chewing on Tinfoil or Iron Chic. 

But the simple melody and catchy rhythm will click with fans of Hot Water Music or Spanish Love Songs.

The video itself is a tour montage of The Carolyn’s European run and features some references to their time with California’s Decent Criminal. 

The Carolyn

“It’s tour footage our friend Katie Arrosa put together,” the band told me. “She’s a Philly comic and has a heart of gold.”

Live show footage is cut with lofi backstage scenes and glimpses of the Americans abroad. Just as their sound might remind you of Japandroids the video may also remind you of Japandroids “The House that Heaven Built.” But that isn’t a deliberate copy, that’s just how well-done nostalgia works.

“Not a ton of planning went into the video,” the band said.

After the split EP The Carolyn plans to record their third LP, which could finish recorded sometime next year.

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