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Australian mathcore trio BASIL’s KITE streaming first album in 7 years, Shooting Tsars, now in full via

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Soon after our recent special feature feat. 15 eye-opening band discoveries, Australian mathcore experimentalists from BASIL’s KITE have unveiled the full stream of their intriguing new album “Shooting Tsars“!

After experimenting with various musical styles for almost ten years, Basil’s Kite has finally brought together a collection of their previously unrecorded live instrumentals, adding vocals to showcase their wry sense of humor. The resulting album, “Shooting Tsars,” is a testament to the band’s incredible talent, featuring intricate, technically precise instrumental performances, and cheeky, socially conscious lyrics. This is some of their most complex and daring work yet, showcasing the band’s skill and creativity.

Shooting Tsars features a variety of tracks with different origins and inspirations. “Baroque Obama” was written after a night of studying music theory and Bach, and “Sun Is Smiling” is a song about failing to engage with the world, set at the beach. “Wiggle” was written in a single night and has a music video that was a fun but disgusting experience. “BAK VARK” is one of their oldest songs and represents their transition to a heavier sound. “Bi-Curious George” is their first-ever mathcore song, and “Castaway” was written to showcase the vocal abilities of frontman Jacob. “Train Song” is their most microtonal track, and “Baby” received negative feedback from Ukrainian and Russian boomers. Despite the varied origins, Shooting Tsars is an entertaining record that showcases Basil’s Kite’s versatility.

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