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SEMAPHORE blends heaviness with shoegazin’ rock on new impressive album “I Need A Reason To Stay”

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Semaphore, a Brooklyn-based quartet consisting of singer and guitarist Siddhu Anandalingam, drummer Emmett Ceglia, guitarist Jay Kohler, and bassist Niko Hasapopoulos, has been exploring the intersection of modern life’s loneliness and loudness in their music for the past few years.

While their loud and atmospheric sound may seem like that of any other shoegaze band, Anandalingam acknowledges that there is an instinct in a lot of shoegaze to contribute to a collective droning, something that Semaphore resists.

Their music is not an attempt to glorify numbness; rather, it is an effort to connect with their audience. This longing to connect with their listeners gives Semaphore’s work a sense of urgency that informs their sound and approach.

Founded in 2013, Semaphore released their first album, All Too Robot, in 2016, blending shoegaze, post-hardcore, and impressionist classical music. Their latest release, I Need a Reason to Stay, builds upon this foundation and aims to create something sophisticated and inviting, rather than being blunt and on-the-nose like much of the music made for young people.

Semaphore’s music is unique in its use of shifting tonalities, airy melodies, and lush orchestration, while also incorporating songcraft and vocals in a non-traditional shoegaze way.

Semaphore’s upcoming tour dates include an album release show in Brooklyn, NY, as well as shows in Staten Island, Philadelphia, Cambridge, and more. The album artwork for I Need A Reason To Stay and more information is available on their website.

Here is a consolidated list of Semaphore’s upcoming tour dates:

March 26: Brooklyn, NY – Gold Sounds (Album Release Show)
April 08: Staten Island, NY – Mother Pug’s Saloon
April 22: Brooklyn, NY – Gold Sounds
June 02: Brooklyn, NY – Windjammer
June 03: Philadelphia, PA – Century
June 04: Cambridge, MA – Cantab Lounge


I Need a Reason to Stay showcases the band’s approach that combines emotion and intensity.

The quartet exhibits a cohesive and intense quality that sets them apart from other bands.

Anandalingam’s genuine lyrics add to the cathartic flow of the songs, creating a genuine connection with their listeners. It maintains a real and genuine vibe that lasts from beginning to end, and makes them stand out in the vast world of shoegazin’ rock these days.

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