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Bakersfield punks LOSER LIFE re-release their analog records on Magic Bullet Records

On November 11, 2016, Bakersfield punks LOSER LIFE will be formally be issuing all of their previously cassette and vinyl-only releases onto all digital and streaming platforms via Magic Bullet Records. Below is a comprehensive list of everything to expect on the 11th. All releases will be downloadable and streamable from all the usual suspects (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, etc.). You can also get what you need directly from the label via Bandcamp (links below).

MBL140: “I Am Going to Live This Way” (Demo)
1.) So Much Shit
2.) Reasons to Drive Without a Seatbelt
3.) I Am Going to Live This Way
4.) Fuck Friends
5.) Nomad
6.) Writing the Book on How to Become a Monster

MBL196: “Things Will Never Change”
1.) Things Will Never Change
2.) It’s All Over

MBL201: “I Want the World”
1.) I Want the World
2.) Dead Inside
3.) Bad Teeth

MBL202: “My Hell”
1.) My Hell
2.) Erase Today
3.) Interior Motives
4.) Fair Weather Friend
5.) Undressing You With My Mind
6.) Untitled (Digital Bonus Track)

MBL203: “Life Number Two”
1.) Mocking You
2.) Life Number Two
3.) Same Things

MBL204: “Burning Fields” b/w “Hard to Please”
1.) Burning Fields
2.) Hard to Please

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