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Barcelona duo WHILE WALKING release joyful debut LP, discuss inspirations for original take on post rock

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The minimalistic and atmospheric approach found on the debut LP fro Barcelona based instrumental indie post rock act WHILE WALKING sounds vastly different from other works associated with the genre, but it also complements it nicely, sounding like a smart counterpart to the genre. Thanks to Callum’s never-usually-seen-before double-neck guitar & bass, and Ingrid’s repetitive, yet dynamic and energizing drumming, the band created their own style of emotive post-rock, with an ability to build elegant and cozy vibes from patterns of looped layers of guitars. Their sound transitions from melancholic melodies, to at times upbeat indie to intense emotional climaxes. Today, we are giving you a special feature of top 10 bands that inspired their unique style.

Their album was recorded in Barcelona at Articwave Studio by Ignasi Miranda who encapsulated the raw sound of how the band play together live. The album is 42 minutes of music that in keeping with the name, while walking, takes the listener on a journey. 

WHILE WALKING came to life in 2018 and after 2 years crafting their sound released their self-titled debut album in April 2020.

Ingrid (36) is from Barcelona and works as a University professor, specialising in education & gender studies. Callum (34) is originally from Scotland and has lived in Barcelona since 2012 where he runs his own organic clothing brand.

The pair are lovers and discovered they also love making music together, and from there their intimate musical project was born.

The 10 tracks from their new album vary in style and emotion. The opener ‘A New City for the First Time’ emanates with the excitement & curiosity of visiting a city for the first time. Then there are melancholic moments in tracks like ‘For our Mothers’ and introspective, contemplative pieces in ‘Hello Sweden’ & ‘Stop and Enjoy the View’. The band’s style of looping guitar and bass lines has a depth that invites the listener to come back to the music, each time discovering new details in the sound. The album cover is a handwritten letter to the listener that gives a backstory to the band and the song titles.


WHILE WALKING gave us an interesting rundown of their top 10 bands that inspire(d) them, with a track from each artist: 


Undoubtedly. For us they’re the masters of the post-rock genre and a huge influence on our music. Like Mogwai, Callum is also from Glasgow and since his teens has been a big fan of their music. β€œThey introduced to me to the post-rock genre, it was a huge new musical discovery that, without words, spoke to me”.

Within only a few weeks of dating, on a whim, we went on our first trip together. We went to Manchester to see Mogwai. β€˜We went to Manchester’ is the title of the first song we wrote together, a little tip of the hat to the trip and the band.

Here’s our track:

And a hauntingly beautiful piece of music by Mogwai:

And So I Watch You From Afar

Callum’s favourite band. They have an unmistakable sound that awakens your mind and charges you with energy. Live they are mind blowing, it’s like a drug to see them play. We travelled together to see them for their 10th anniversary concert in their hometown of Belfast. It’s always a magic few hours of losing yourself in the sound and energy they create, a goose bump giving experience. We can’t wait to see them play live again!

El Ten Eleven

Only other band we know that have the same set up as ours, double-neck guitar/bass & a drum kit. We love their sound and even after more than 15 years they keep releasing great new music. This year they’re releasing a trilogy of albums, here’s a super cool track from the first of the three:


We both loved them as teenagers in different countries, they were a musical and lifestyle changing band. When Ingrid is practising on the electronic kit at home it’s usually playing along to Dave Grohl!

Here’s a version of us jamming Nirvana during the COVID lockdown:

NiΓ±a Coyote eta Chico Tornado

A stoner-rock duo from the Basque Country with an amazing drummer, Ursula Strong, who inspired Ingrid to drum after seeing them play live. Imagine a heavier, more decadent version of The White Stripes.

Pillow Queens

The first time we went to Glasgow together we researched all of the gig listings for that weekend, listening to all of bands that were playing and the one that took our fancy were the Pillow Queens. & live they were very cool, catchy & punky! I’m not a rat if you’re not a rat!


A Japanese post-rock band we both love. There are many Japanese bands we’re fans of but to our ears Toe are one step ahead. Song Silly has a cool video:

Sacred Paws

Another band from Glasgow. Music with a feel good, positive energy. Try not to bop along while listening to this song:

Los Sara Fontan

A duo from Barcelona that left us jaw dropped after seeing them live. They have an unorthodox sound and use of their instruments that is captivating. A violin played with effects pedals and a drum kit. They haven’t released a studio album but it’s a true joy to witness their synergy when they perform live. Here’s a video that’s worth a watch:

1 Mile North

When it’s late at night and we want to listen to something that’s intimate & ambient with low lighting & volume. Our perfect night-time listening while cosy on the sofa with a glass of wine.

It was tough to limit ourselves to just 10 artists but we had fun compiling the list!

We hope you enjoy it and make some new musical discoveries if you don’t know them already.

Thank you IDIOTEQ for speaking to us and doing what you do in support of the DIY music scene!

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