DAMASCO by Daniel Solsona

Barcelona post hardcore / screamo act DAMASCO share captivating debut “Hamartia”, 10 Spanish bands you need to know!

DAMASCO by Daniel Solsona
Hamartia”, the debut offering from Barcelona hearty post hardcore / screamo band DAMASCO, traverses post-hardcore paths with a screamo influence, spreading out anger and melody in equal proportion, in a liturgy of emotions that follow each other song after song.

The band is named after Damascus steel, a type of crucible steel used in the Middle East to manufacture knives and swords. It is recognised by the incredible patterns on its blades. Hamartia is the fatal error the tragic hero makes when trying to do the right thing in a scenario in which the right thing just cannot be done.

We caught up with the band to give you their trakc by track commentary for the album and their special list of to Spanish bands worth a check!

Damasco are: Guillem Martín (guitar, vocals), Guillermo Alonso (drums), Iván García (bass, vocals).

Recorded and mixed in Bandicoot Records by Adrià Marva in March 2021, the album will be released on 12″ vinyl and it’s co-released by Dingleberry Records, Navalla Discos, Gato Encerrado Records, Sounds Like Sunday Records, Quebranta Records, Ktrss Records and Romantic Songs Records.


A song about the fear to awaken politically, and the inability to step outside our comfort zone. A night of riot and fire in your city. Do we lose anything by trying to change things?


Atados a una libertad ficticia Compuesta por rutinas frías Desobediencia y resistencia Y aguantaré mi peso muerto La noche es larga y tengo el fuego Solo quiero verte arder Solo quiero verte arder ¿Por qué temes una revolución violenta? Sin nuestra sangre Nuestra sangre ya se derrama Arder Atados a una libertad ficticia Compuesta por rutinas frías Desobediencia y resistencia Verte arder.

[EN] Tied to a fictitious freedom Made of cold routines Disobedience and resistance And I will hold my dead weight The night is long and I have the fire I just want to see you burn I just want to see you burn Why do you fear a violent revolution? Without our blood Our blood is already shed Burn Tied to a fictitious freedom Made of cold routines Disobedience and resistance.


The need that society has to create heroes or models for others to follow, instead of being part of something or leading the way ourselves. The social easiness to change those fake influencers based on capital’s interests. Those people have a friendly face, but they won’t hesitate to double-cross you to pursue their own goals. This also applies to those rock stars we follow believing that they are our friends, but who just want our money.


Idolatramos sin pensar El personaje que hay detrás Justificamos su maldad Nuestro enemigo natural Construyes – Destruyes El deseo de inmortalidad Pone en duda tu moralidad Una tumba es tu final En la masa te consumirás Construyes – Destruyes Tanto tiempo en el camino Tanto tiempo en el vacío Tanto tiempo en el olvido Anestesiados – Silenciados – Sepultados – Por tu fe Tus héroes te dejarán caer Ya no creo en nada.

[EN] We idolise without thinking The character that hides behind We justify their evil Our natural enemy You build – You destroy The desire of immortality Puts your morality in doubt A grave is your end In the mass you will be consumed You build – You destroy So much time in the path So much time in the void So much time in oblivion Anaesthetised – Silenced – Buried – Because of your faith Your heroes will let you fall I don’t believe in anything anymore.

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This is our favourite restaurant in Barcelona. We like it because even if it is in a quite central area of the city, it’s a small and cosy place. Also, it is not touristy, and it makes us feel at home.


Tu miedo a morir Me ayuda a dormir Tus sueños se desvanecen Sacrificios de cristal Nebulosa opacidad No hay dolor Es odio Traicionado por mi mente en blanco No es sano.

[EN] Your fear of dying Helps me sleep Your dreams fade away Sacrifices made of glass Misty opacity There’s no pain It’s hatred Betrayed by my blank mind It’s not healthy.


This song is about the end of life, the overwhelming fear of dying while life goes on around you with you being unable to see its changes. We fear death, but we also fear wasting our short lives.


Mi cuerpo no se mueve No siento envejecer La maleza me envuelve Me Quiero desvanecer Convertir-me en el vacío Nos creamos el destino Para desaparecer.

[EN] My body does not move I can’t feel myself growing old Wilderness surrounds me I want to fade away Become the void We build ourself our fate To fade away.

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DAMASCO by Daniel Solsona

DAMASCO by Daniel Solsona


There is no turning back when it comes to the deterioration of our planet. We can only hope to cover what is already done.


Somos la gran plaga La gran infección Todo son ruinas Devastación Negro sobre negro.

[EN] We are the great plague The great infection Everything is ruinds Devastation Black over black.


Sometimes, being defeated makes us put our feet back on the ground. Accepting that helps us learn and move forward. However, we always wonder if we could have done anything better.


Muerde, muerde el polvo y pierde Lo sientes por mi Lo sientes por ti La venganza Consiste olvidar Soy demasiado consciente Para poder olvidar ¿Crees que podrá volver a ser como antes?.

[EN] Bite, bite the dust and lose You feel it for me You feel it for yourself Revenge Is made by forgetting I am too aware/conscious To be able to forget Do you think it can go back to what it was before?.


Neoliberal businesspeople don’t see us as people, but as mere resources. We are machines ready to serve others until we join together, we organise ourselves and we break the verticality.


Guerra de clases Ya no puedes escapar Ya no te puedes salvar Guerra de clases.

[EN] Class struggle You can’t run away anymore You can’t save yourself Class struggle.

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DAMASCO by Daniel Solsona.

DAMASCO by Daniel Solsona

The 10 bands of Spain you need to know, and if you don’t, you are really fucked:


The forcefulness and imagery of his latest album fascinated us.


They showed up at a time when we needed something fresh and that’s what they brought us.


Raw and hard as a blow in the whole face.


Simply: Make screamo emoviolence again from Madrid.


Catalan emocore classics from Barcelona. They are home.


With members of bands like Trees Will Tell, CARICIAS brings us a shoegaze dreampop where you lose yourself in fantasy.


It’s been a while since a group with such a good live show came out in the area.


Power-duo straight to the jugular.


Nothing to say about a group with so much projection and desire to say things.


Bcn emo kids.

Barcelona post hardcore / screamo act DAMASCO share captivating debut “Hamartia”, 10 Spanish bands you need to know!
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