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BARREN WOMB draw parallels from Refused to Clutch; premiere new single!

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BARREN WOMB, fearsome sonic force from Finland and Norway, will launch a boiling fresh onslaught of an album, ‘Lizard Lounge’, on May 22 through Loyal Blood Records. It’s time again. The duo might be the hardest working band in the Norwegian underground, touring relentlessly, and offering a slew of releases since their inception in 2011. They are complete masters of their craft, capturing their raw and unpolished live energy in studio recordings. This is true more than ever on ‘Lizard Lounge’, and their new single “Smokes, Let’s Go” proves it perfectly. Check it out below!

It’s like being thrown in the pit, right in front of them, in a crammed room with spit and sweat flying. It’s hardcore. Northern hardcore. The in-your-face approach of ‘Lizard Lounge‘ can draw parallels from Refused to Clutch, and it carries them on a cathartic journey, leaving the mind and soul free of the angst-ridden emotions Barren Womb put on display in their songs.

The band commented:

Death comes for us all. I’ve seen it too many times already: loved ones fall ill, start treatment, get better, and just when things are looking up and there’s a new lease on life, they unexpectedly kick the bucket. “Smokes, Let’s Go” is about that particular brand of false hope, the harrowing quiet before the storm.

Musically the track is the complete opposite of this bleak subject matter, a tip of hat to amongst others some of San Diego’s finest.
Just an honest, no bullshit rocker, basically the perfect soundtrack for surfing the apocalypse. Have fun!

Barren Womb band

After nine years following an uncompromising DIY path, Timo and Tony can be melodic, scathing, catchy, intense, punky or heavy as a concrete Chevy.

Lizard Lounge‘ shifts between screeching guitars and total anguish to sore and mellow passages, only to leave you floored again with a catchiness unexpected from a band operating in their style. Mind blown. When Barren Womb release a new record, expect the unexpected and still be surprised. These two maniacs can do no wrong.

BARREN WOMB by Dan Gschib
BARREN WOMB by Dan Gschib
BARREN WOMB live at Vaterland in Oslo, Norway, 24.01.2019:

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