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Baton Rouge metalcore act DECOY confronts themes of victim mentality and inner turmoil – new EP out now

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In the sweltering summer of 2017, amidst the cultural mosaic of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a metalcore / metallic hardcore pack named DECOY was born, carving out a niche in a scene that yearned for the resurrection of the 2000’s dark-themed metalcore ethos.

In our quick chat with the band, Lucien Champton, the percussive backbone of Decoy, reminisces about the band’s origins with a sense of pride and nostalgia, “We wanted to do a band that was ultimately reminiscent of what we grew up on,” citing titans like Hatebreed, Converge, and All Shall Perish as the lodestars guiding their musical voyage.

As the band navigated through the tumultuous waters of the music industry, they encountered a significant shift when original vocalist Jonah Smith departed to focus on his personal life.

This change, however, did not deter Decoy; instead, it fueled their journey further across the regional gulf south, leaving their mark on stages in Texas, Tennessee, Florida, and beyond. The story took a fortuitous turn as life’s unpredictable tides brought Smith back into the fold.

January marked a pivotal moment for Decoy as they unleashed a three-song EP in collaboration with Kyle Eroche’s Lantern Light Records.

Champton reflects on this endeavor, “We channeled an even angrier, fast, vicious sound on this EP that we’ve never reached before.” The EP delves into the psyche, confronting the victim mentality and the inner demons that ensnare us, urging listeners to annihilate the chains that bind them.

Decoy’s journey is more than just a musical endeavor; it’s a cathartic outlet for the band members, who have grappled with mental, financial, and physical instability.

“We channel the anger from these situations into our music lyrically and sonically,” Champton reveals, highlighting the therapeutic essence of their artistry.


The band’s commitment to marrying their sonic fury with a compelling aesthetic is paramount, aiming to evoke a visceral response that resonates on a profoundly personal level.

“We want you to look at our art as a whole and feel something strange in your heart, head, mind. Something foreign that you resonate with,” Champton elucidates.

Looking ahead, Decoy is poised for a year of artistic proliferation, with plans to release a series of singles and embark on a writing odyssey for an upcoming album.


The anticipation of touring uncharted territories fuels their ambition, but at the heart of their odyssey is the desire to inspire and uplift others amidst life’s relentless cycle of highs and lows. As Champton aptly puts it, “Life is a constant cycle of highs and lows but in between we inspire others and help while doing so.”

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