BEAU NAVIRE stream their new album in full

Oakland, California’s BEAU NAVIRE are streaming their entire new album entitled “Lumens”. Pre-orders are available from Inkblot Records (U.S.) and from Moment of Collapse Records (Europe).

Inkblot Records commented:

“Lumens” is Beau Navire’s second full length release and will surely serve as a genre defining staple in hardcore. Building upon the raw emotion, nervous melodies and epic crescendos of their previous releases, “Lumens” demonstrates a maturity in song writing that finds Beau Navire crafting a perfect storm of chaos, the influence of bands line Funeral Diner, Neil Perry, The Pine etc can still be heard but they have built off of that sound to create a unique and emotional record that is saturated with originality. These will be in stock in the second week in June.

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