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Behind the video for “Jaywalker”, with Brooklyn emotive punk rockers GOOD LOOKING FRIENDS

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Good Looking Friends, whose upcoming LP “Wasted Now” is set to release on September 15, 2023 on Acrobat Unstable Records, recently dropped their music video for the single “Jaywalker.” Here’s an in-depth breakdown of the video that delves deep into existentialism, office culture, and the human psyche, a narrative presented in meticulously shot scenes.

The video’s opener is a piece of nostalgia mixed with surrealism. “When I wrote ‘Jaywalker,’ I was actually listening to this old radio drama, X Minus 1. The sound from the episode ‘Jaywalker’ created the tune that would become the song,” says vocalist Zach Fischer. The scene features an office worker, Jay, sipping coffee and reflecting on his day with an old-timey radio drama playing in the background. It’s an uncanny blend of everyday routine and eerie foreboding.

Jay’s contemplation is disturbed by unsettling memories and, as Good Looking Friends puts it, “painful noise and strange images.” We see his boss, referred to as the “Brutal Librarian,” dominating his thoughts with her berating demeanor. “All of these memories or maybe premonitions punctuate his break,” they explain. “The inspirational poster on his desk is actually a gift from Shelley’s dad, who is a hilarious man.”

As the music starts, we are introduced to scenes where band members Shelley and Zach energetically perform the track. “Nicolle got some amazing action shots of us playing in various locations,” shares the band.

Interwoven are scenes that show Jay getting oriented in his new job. “Do what I say, and you will get paid,” the Boss instructs him. “Jay is just happy to have a job, even if he has a bad feeling about the woman who hired him.”


What follows is a Kafkaesque sequence of Jay drowning in an overwhelming workload while his boss idly watches. “Soon, he’s overwhelmed! Too many things to keep track of,” describes the band. “The tougher it gets for Jay, the more relaxed the Boss gets, almost feeding off his struggle.”

The video concludes on an ominous note, with the Boss claiming Jay’s soul for breach of contract via a Chanel Binding Necklace. “He wakes up in a forever hallway, truly trapped. The video ends with the Boss hanging her trophy on her whiteboard: Jay’s face, trapped in a photocopier.”


Jaywalker” leaves an unsettling feeling long after its viewing, exploring themes of monotony, exploitation, and existential dread within the confines of an office space. It offers a visual and sonic representation of modern-day frustrations and fears—making it not just a music video but an emotive experience.

“Thanks for watching!” the band ends, but one thing is for sure: we bet this is a video that resonates and stays with you, urging you to unpack its layers long after the final scene. Damn, it hurts, doesn’t it?

“Jaywalker” Video credits:

Directed and Filmed by: Nicolle Maroulis
Starring: Shelley Washington as the Brutal Librarian
Inspired by: True Events
Album Release Date: Wasted Now out September 15th, via Acrobat Unstable Record
Produced and Engineered by: Joe Reinhart at Headroom, Philadelphia, with additional tracking by Lorenzo Wolf at Restoration Sound, Brooklyn
Mixed by: Joe Reinhart
Mastered by: Ryan Schwabe
Mixed by: Joe Reinhart
Mastered by: Ryan Schwabe

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