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A leap into the technological abyss: Danish punk rockers FABLED MIND premiere new video for “Project Paradise”

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Copenhagen’s skatepunk luminaries Fabled Mind are back, and they are not pulling any punches. With the premier of their new video for “Project Paradise” coinciding with the vinyl release of their new concept album of the same name on August 29th, the band is venturing into ambitious new territories.


In their 12-track LP, Fabled Mind doesn’t merely ask you to bob your head to catchy punk riffs; they invite you to meditate on your existential role in a fast-paced world pivoting on the axis of technology.

Inspired by 90s punk rock but drenched in modern-day concerns, ‘Project Paradise‘ is a dystopian narrative album that artfully meshes genres while maintaining a cohesive storyline.


Drawing from thought-provoking themes such as AI, happiness, freedom, and the eerily encroaching realm of social media, the album weaves a tale around the life of its protagonist.

This unnamed character is engulfed in a near-future world where humans are monitored by an artificial intelligence system—aptly named Project Paradise—originally designed to ensure human happiness.

FABLED MIND Project Paradise video

Fabled Mind has always enjoyed embedding layers of meaning into their work. In ‘Project Paradise,’ the lyrics and themes are rife with intertextual references. From Greek mythology to allusions to the infamous LSD experiments of the MK Ultra project in the 1960s, the album is a treasure trove for the curious listener. The latter hits particularly close to home for lead singer Dion, whose family history intersects tragically with mysterious LSD experiments.


The musical journey of ‘Project Paradise‘ mirrors the emotional evolution of its main character. It captures the monotonous yet adrenaline-charged nature of a life steeped in virtual realities that stimulate yet do not satisfy. In this environment, the protagonist—a stand-in for modern society—yearns for authentic human connections and freedom from the all-controlling AI.

In collaboration with Thousand Islands Records (CA), Lockjaw Records (UK), and Nasty Cut Records (Europe), ‘Project Paradise‘ will be available exclusively on colored vinyl, dropping on August 29th. The digital version will see a release next January, but for those who can’t wait, the vinyl will offer an exclusive early listening experience.


As Fabled Mind unveils singles and glimpses into this elaborate narrative, the invitation is clear: sit down, let your imagination roam free, and contemplate your own reality in the mirror of ‘Project Paradise.’

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