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BEING AS AN OCEAN Audiotree Session

Set list:

1 Dear G-d
2 Mediocre Shakespeare
3 Death’s Great Black Wing Scrapes the Air
4 L’exquisite Douleur
5 How We Both Wondrously Perish
6 The Poets Cry For More

Being As An Ocean is an emotional post rock/hardcore band. The genre-bending newcomers meld sporadic hardcore, grand floating post-rock intricacies and powerful metallic chugging. Joey Quartuccio splits his time delivering poignant, personal spoken word, steady melodies, and guttural screams. Connor Denis is a monstrous kit commander; he controls the band’s chaotic volume and adds percussive flair to their expanding structure.

Newest release “How We Both Wondrously Perish” is a loose concept record about the depravity of mankind and efforts to combat it. A massive sensation in the age of tumblr, instagram and twitter has earned them a truly loyal global following. They’re thoughtful, compassionate and genuinely honest people. Being As An Ocean’s contemplative, sensational songwriting is an extension of the members themselves and the community they’ve created. ads
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