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BIG BURLY – “Powerviolence Jesus Lizard” announce debut EP – noisy single streaming!

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Tearing through the conformity of the punk-rock fabric, Philadelphia-based quartet Big Burly is all set to thunder onto the scene with their debut EP, ‘Tumors.’ Slated for release on July 18th via the socially conscious Strange Mono Records, the EP promises to be a sonic roller coaster ride for fans of the genre.

In a field where guitar-led bands are a dime a dozen, Big Burly stands apart by placing the heavy artillery of bassists Jess Kramer and Ross Pritchet at the forefront. Flanked by the unyielding percussion of Ian Dykstra, and topped off by the searing vocal delivery of Dan T, the band’s guitarless lineup speaks volumes about their commitment to craft a unique sound that defies standard definitions of punk.

Big Burly

Deftly avoiding the tendency towards musical repetition, the band spins short, razor-sharp tracks that intertwine with a thread of wry humor, resulting in a fresh, exhilarating, and innovative take on noisy punk-rock.

The potency of Big Burly’s lyrics, primarily the brainchild of vocalist Dan T, stems from stark depictions of his rural childhood. With a rawness that lays bare the harsh reality of growing up amid alcoholism, violence, and skewed ‘Christian values,’ the lyrics strike a chord that resonates long after the final note has played.

Big Burly

Firmly rooted in their ethos of effecting positive social change, the proceeds from ‘Tumors‘ will be donated to the Philly Bail Fund. This move aligns the band’s punk spirit with a drive for fairness in the justice system, promoting the shift towards a pre-trial release system that prioritizes justice over wealth.

Big Burly

Big Burly’s debut EP ‘Tumors’ is a riveting punk-rock voyage set to light a fire in the belly of the scene. Their approach is a reinvigoration of punk traditions, upturned and reassembled with a twist that is undeniably their own. Mark July 18th in your calendar – the day the punk landscape gets a touch more Burly.


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