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Punk rock infused rockers TORCH THE HIVE explore AI and social commentary in ‘Burn Me Out’ video

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As technology’s influence seeps into every aspect of our lives, the music industry is not immune to its inexorable advance. Amid this revolution, Mike from our recently featured band Torch the Hive has harnessed artificial intelligence as a creative companion in his latest work.

Released amid a storm of anticipation, Torch the Hive’s latest single, ‘Burn Me Out’, offers a biting commentary on contemporary American society. The track decries the plight of the exploited working class, observing the growing chasm between the common man’s struggle and the thriving prosperity of big corporations. But what makes this release particularly notable isn’t just its charged lyrics or infectious melody—it’s the innovative integration of AI in its accompanying music video.

A groundbreaking blend of humanity and technology, the music video utilizes the animation capabilities of Kaiber.AI. Its scenes featuring the band were generated from live photos processed through the software, resulting in animations that draw inspiration from the iconic anime movie ‘Akira’.

Mike, the creative force behind the concept and the video, shares his thoughts on the contentious issue of AI-generated content within the music industry.

“Throughout the process of creating this video, I constantly questioned the capabilities of AI and its growing implementation within our society,” Mike confessed. He continued, “While some of these creations are in good fun, there are instances where it can go too far, to the point where it devalues artistic creativity of content spawning from a non-human element.”

Torch The Hive by Vicki Holda min

His standpoint is firm – AI should be considered a tool, enhancing creativity rather than replacing it. In the case of ‘Burn Me Out‘, Kaiber.AI was instrumental in augmenting their narrative, the band members transformed into vivid animations without losing the human touch that lies at the core of their music.

“I truly believe it can enhance the creative process in creating something wonderful,” Mike reflected on the use of AI, underscoring the importance of responsible usage.

As the music industry grapples with the rapidly-evolving technological landscape, Torch the Hive’s exploration of AI’s creative potential offers a glimpse into the future – a place where technology and humanity coexist, sparking a new era of musical innovation.

From the inception of rock ‘n roll, to the introduction of synthesizers in the 70s and 80s, to the current rise of AI technologies, music has continually adapted and grown with the advancement of technology. As we move forward, this trend will undoubtedly persist.

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