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BILLY THE KID rebuild their social community

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Costa Rican hardcore act BILLY THE KID needs your help in rebuilding their social media fan base. See the details below and go here to like their new page.

Help our brothers in Billy The Kid, (BTK506) recover their contacts so they can keep doing their thing and prove that Hardcore is a worldwide family with solidary values.

This past February 19 Facebook deleted Billy The Kid’s profile with over 61,000 followers, transferring all of their likes to the fan page of a Canadian solo artist of the same name. This action was taken without any previous warning or consultation to the administrators of both pages. So far Facebook has been of absolutely no help in solving the problem, forcing the band to create a new page and start from scratch with a task that has taken them 7 years of independent work to achieve
BILLY THE KID (Btk506) has always been a band that works under a self-management work model and with considerable help from friends all over the world. Never having any label backing or support from major media outlets, their main means of promotion has thus far been through social media pages in order to spread the word about upcoming tours or new releases. As of now, all the parties involved are doing everything in their power to resolve the situation, but it looks as if there is simply no way to recover their old page. BTK have always maintained a DIY ethic, working hard for everything that they have accomplished and never paying for promotion or Facebook likes.

You can help them to get going once again by liking their new Facebook page, inviting your friends to do the same, and by sharing this status from your profile. Billy The Kid is more than just 5 members of the band, it’s every single one of you that connects with their music and identifies with their message. Thank you all for your support.

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