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Blackened noise enigma CROWHURST unveils collaborative effort with grinders BANDIT

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Philadelphia blackened noise enigma CROWHURST is proud to announce the long-awaited release of his collaborative effort with Delaware grinders BANDIT, out now via self-release.

Titled Bulldozer, the 10-minute EP marks the first of four in an official bootleg series and features eight BANDIT tracks remixed by CROWHURST into a harsh cacophony of brutality.

“Someone on YouTube says this sounds like Merzbow and Gore Beyond Necropsy’s Rectal Anarchy album,” says CROWHURST conspirator Jay Gambit—known for his prolific work with Dragged into Sunlight, Culted, etc.

“For me, it’s a spiritual sequel to the remix things we did with Water Torture and Sordo,” he continues. “It’s a free download, so give whatever money you would give to us to your local Planned Parenthood or animal rights charity.”

Tortured and broken, CROWHURST is a shapeshifter in extreme music; from noise to drone, sludge to black metal. Each piece of music is its own distinct page in Gambit’s story, working as an exploration and expression of pain.

With contributing pieces from scores of renowned artists, CROWHURST stands as a testament to his ability to weave ethereal, engaging soundscapes without falling into the trap which befalls many prolific artists – predictability. Over 75 releases, many of which are singles and splits with other established artists, yet each body of work remains a dynamic, disorienting exploration unlike the last. Gambit’s music takes influence from varying genres across decades while being shaped by his love affair with cinema and documentaries. Each release tells its own story, with each song standing as its own character unfolding.

Beginning as a strictly-experimental project, CROWHURST grew to encompass various collaborations with artists and producers, such as Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker), who engineered and produced 2015’s I album. The follow-up, 2016’s II, was recorded in Manchester, England, and produced at Machines With Magnets (The Body, Daughters).

CROWHURST finalized their trilogy with III, co-written and performed by Andy Curtis-Brignell (Caïna), recorded with the legendary producer/engineer Kurt Ballou (Converge, Full Of Hell) at God City Studios, and released via Prophecy Productions in 2019. The effort features guest appearances from Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus, Crisis), Ethan Lee McCarthy (Primitive Man), and Tara Vanflower (Lycia, Type O Negative) amongst a handful of other notable musicians.

FFO: Cadaveric Spasm, Seven Minutes of Nausea, Sore Throat, Arsedestroyer

CROWHURST is: Jay Gambit – noise; BANDIT is: Gene Meyer – vocals, Jack McBride – guitars, vocals, Michael Thomas – drums, vocals

“Awakens an unearthly essence” – Popmatters
“Brave and uncompromising” – Whatculture
“A scorching epic” – Revolver Magazine
“An early contender for album of the year” – Metal Injection
“Astonishingly powerful” – Decibel Magazine
“As unpredictable as it is impressive” – Metal Hammer
“Truly cinematic in scope” – ToiletOvHell
“For those who have grown tired of the status quo” – No Clean Singing
“Introspective and hauntingly artistic” – Metalsucks

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