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“In Your Blood” – massive hardcore bomb from EXCESSIVE FORCE receives a proper reissue!

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Originally released in 1995 on Life Sentence Records, EXCESSIVE FORCE’s “In Your Blood”, immediately became a straightedge hardcore classic.  Combining sxe hardcore with a heavy influence from bands like BIOHAZARD, EXCESSIVE FORCE had created a crossover sound that had not been heard before.

Blasphemour Records is proud to have re-mastered the original recordings and re-released the album for it’s 20th anniversary.  Available for the first time on digital (below), as well as the first time on cassette.

The first pressing of 100 tapes sold out in pre-sales and the second pressing is due out on 9/5.

Portions of the sales will be donated to the Wake County SPCA.

Excessive Force were:
Vocals: Dan
Guitar: Joe
Guitar: Jeremy
Bass: Richie
Drums: Justin


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