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“The Blood & The Sweat” hardcore photo book coming up!

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Bayern, Germany based photographer Michelle Olaya has started an Indiegogo campaign to support her new project called “The Blood & The Sweat”, a hardcore punk photo book release that will be a true photographic story of some of the most hardworking and honest bands in the current hardcore scene. These photos will make us remember these fine moments – please be a part of it and support this great cause.

Michelle commented:

This book is a collection of hundred photographs taken at several hardcore and punk shows and festivals in Europe. / SIDE A “THE BLOOD” consists of photos of tattoos hc-punk bands (logos, album covers, lyrics, etc,). SIDE B “THE SWEAT”  shows you the energy caught in every concert attended by  the autor and photographer Michelle Olaya. / Foreword by Scott Vogel. / Cover Design by Staffan Snitting & Jacob Bondesson. / Measures: 20cm x 20cm. / Limited edition to 200 copies. / Price: To be confirmed.


I need your support people! I have started a fundraising campaign…/the-blood-the-sweat-…/x/10067648 for financial support to publish my project, a photo book with a bunch of hc-punk photographs. The book has around 144 pages, cover design by Staffan Snitting & Jacob Bondesson. Foreword by Scott Vogel. It’ll be limited to 200 copies. :
If everything works as planned, the book will be released around June/July 2015. Orders will be available on my online-store, and some copies will be distributed by Cruzade Records and MERCHPIT.COM
Feel free to give any ammount you can afford, as well as sharing this campaign with your contacts/friends on your social networks!
Thank you so much in advance! HC 4 HC!


In the pages of that side of the book you will find tons of photos of bands like No Turning Back, Terror;Agnostic Front; MADBALL; Sick Of It All; Wisdom In Chains; H2O, Violent Reaction, Hounds of Hate, Down To Nothing, Beyond Pink, Night Birds, Suicidas,Sectarian Violence, Backtrack, TRUTH THROUGH FIGHT, Fucked Up, Have Heart, LAS OTRAS, GOVERMENT FLU, ABSURDO…. and lot more!

xmdmx photo book sneak peak

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