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BLVGTH: unveiling the cosmos through the echoes of black metal

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Hold tight. Today we delve into the world of BLVGTH, an international black metal ensemble whose audacious fusion of untamed resonance and radiant lyrical narratives encapsulates the quintessence of the primordial monomyth within its debut EP, “From Behind the Frosted Sun.”

Established by distinguished Argentinian guitarist and composer Lucas Wyssbrod (Monovoth, MOSTRO, Golden Cannibal) and esteemed vocalist, author, and performer Lindsay O. (Coma Cluster Void, Eyes of Perdition, Persistence), the EP narrates the odyssey of an ethereal figure journeying through the depths of the cosmos to unveil concealed enigmas.


Catering to fans of Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir, Ved Buens Ende, and Emperor, the timeless endeavor of traversing the supernatural realm to decipher the mysteries of human existence has long captivated creatives and seekers alike.

Despite the challenges often encountered along this path into the unknown, the inner radiance of authenticity imbues the quest with purpose, shedding light on the obscure.


It is within this context that we encounter the music of BLVGTH, a courageous and innovative exploration of the primal myths, drawing inspiration from early black metal pioneers while infusing their sound with evocative and heartfelt performances.


The band shared a special playlist of their top black metal influences on YouTube Music and you can reach it at this location.

Artists featured on the playlist:

  1. “I Sang for the Swans” by Ved Buens Ende, from the album Written in Waters
  2. “Celestial Voyage” by Cynic, from the album Focus [Expanded Edition]
  3. “I En Hall Med Flesk Og Mjod” by Darkthrone, from the album Preparing for War
  4. “Necropol Lit” by Madder Mortem, from the album Deadlands
  5. “Brought to the Water” by Deafheaven, from the album New Bermuda
  6. “Scarred Grandeur” by Thulcandra, from the album A Dying Wish
  7. “The Astral Dialogue” by Agalloch, from the album The Serpent & The Sphere
  8. “Cairn to Suicide” by Mizmor, from the album Cairn
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