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FIERCE discuss blackened death metal opus “The Black Empire”

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Four years after the release of their album “Eclipses from the Duat” (Epidemic Records / Shove Records / Rakkerpak Records), metal band FIERCE has established themselves in the extreme metal scene by creating a credible and consistent identity. Now, they are back with a new single, “The Black Empire,” showcasing their ever-evolving sound and expressing a renewed need for creative expression.

“The Black Empire” is described as a claustrophobic blend of death metal with black influences, born from a turbulent period for both the band and the world at large. Andrea, the lead singer of FIERCE, offered us his insights into the band’s creative process and the impact of the pandemic on their music.

According to Andrea, FIERCE has always aimed to push their limits with each release, and their evolving sound is evident when listening to their catalog. “The Black Empire” is no exception, as it represents the band’s most extreme and darkest track to date. The pandemic’s global effects have undoubtedly changed the game for every human being, and FIERCE’s latest single reflects this shift in perspective and the challenges faced during this unprecedented time.

“Clearly we as a band and individuals also suffered from it: we had to stop our live activity right in the middle of the promotion of “Eclipses from the Duat,” and we could no longer even rehearse for a very long period of months and months. In all this we also underwent lineup changes. We can say that hard blows, even low ones, were not lacking.” – says Andrea.

“When we were finally able to meet again and play together the sense of urgency led us to push on the accelerator and on being as direct as possible with our music. It seems clear to me that we are now in a race against time watching our planet fall apart piece by piece. I personally pondered a lot about what was really important in this short interlude we call Life.”

Andrea recalls writing the lyrics for “The Black Empire” while at the airport in Berlin, returning from an unwanted trip, feeling mentally and physically drained. A few days prior, Andrea had met with a friend and colleague whom they hadn’t seen for some time. This friend was known for working harder than necessary. They spent a peaceful evening together, filled with laughter and jokes, just before Andrea left.

The following day, Andrea received the tragic news of their friend’s death, who had suffered a heart attack at their workplace. Understandably, this news deeply impacted Andrea during those days. It was in that moment at the airport, when exhaustion caused their rational defenses to crumble, that Andrea spontaneously wrote the entire text for “The Black Empire,” expressing the overwhelming sense of life’s “nonsense” that consumed them.

Fierce by Benedetta Bassi
Fierce by Benedetta Bassi

Hailing from North-East Italy, Fierce is a five-member band that came together in 2015 as a means to endure the decline of contemporary society. The band began developing its unique blend of atmospheric post-metal and black metal riffs, releasing an early demo followed by their first album, “Ashes,” in 2017 through Italian label Shove Records.

Fierce then spent time performing in the local scene and across Europe, experiencing significant lineup changes that influenced their music to adopt a more aggressive, fast, and heavy sound. The culmination of two years of performances and challenges led to their latest release, “Eclipses from the Duat,” available now on European Labels Epidemic Records, Shove Records, and Rakkerpak Records.

In 2022, following the pandemic, the band introduced a new lineup and began working on a new record. The quintet continues to push their musical boundaries, leaning more towards Death Metal and Black Metal, reflecting the current zeitgeist.

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