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BORN FROM PAIN interviewed by I Hate Mondays Radio

Bulgaria’s I Hate Mondays Radio conducted an interview with Rob Franssen from Dutch hardcore veterans BORN FROM PAIN.

The title of the new album implies that at some point in the past you’ve had different expectations for the future, doesn’t it?
– Well, what we are more trying to say is that the way it is going now needs to change radically if we wanna live good lives that make us happy. There are too many things that are not for and about the people anymore. Power and greed have a tight grip on the way things are now. There are a lot of alternative and good ways to live I think, but we will need to bring by change and thus The New Future ourselves.

You released the album for free – why did you decide to do so?
– We wanted to lower the threshold for people to be able to get in touch with our message and music. Make it easier for people to get into it by just downloading it like that. It went viral pretty quick so that is good. We think it is important that kids and people with tight budgets can make the choice to just get it like that. However, for all the people that still love CD and vinyl: the CD is out now on GSR Music and the vinyl will be coming soon too!

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