Boundless Possibilities – an interview with MOVEMENT OF STATIC

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Just in time for their recent signing with Aza Records, we’re pleased to share this insightful introduction to the work of instrumental post rock act MOVEMENT OF STATIC, based out of Thessaloniki, Greece. Formed with a mission to go beyond standard structures and willing to bring many fresh and innovating ideas, the band released their debut EP titled “Novelty Seekers” in late 2016 and did a lot of shows in Greece. We sat down with them to get to know them better, ask about their vital contribution to the genre and plans for the future. Launch their record and scroll down to read the full interview.

Movement of Static is a post-rock band that counts nearly three years from its creation and is based in Thessaloniki and more specifically in two of its suburbs. It started off as an idea among its two guitarists and later this “static” idea got its “movement”, came to realization and got enriched with the addition of two more members in bass and drums. In October 16’ they released their debut EP titled “Novelty Seekers”, an almost complete DIY work with exceptions in the recordings of drums and master. During the last two years, they have been carrying out live performances around Greece, with most important the ones with Naxatras and Tides from Nebula. Their purpose is to make interactive live performances and to collaborate with various artists without labels nor limits, yet with a common purpose… Creation.


Hey there guys! Thanks so much for reaching out! How are you? How’s Greece doing this Winter?

First of all we willl like to thank you for this interview and the step you’re geeving as do get to know each other !!! We are in a inspired circle at this time and we are working a new tunes for our first album. Winter is so warm in Greece surprisingly , just as to give us the cold sparkle to go on and on..

Alright, so let’s dive deeper into the MOVEMENT OF STATIC and what you guys have in store for us. Your dreamy, yet powerful instrumental work seems to converge around boundless levels of energy, creativity, and kind of spirituality. Where does your interest come from? What led you to become explorers in this particular aesthetic field?

MOVEMENT OF STATIC is a four piece post rock band from Thessaloniki in Greece. We are counting three and a half years as a band.

The whole project was to start developing our own music and discover the boundaries of post rock music and anything else close to this genre. Recently we’ve released our first Ep titled “Novelty Seekers”. It’s a DIY work except the recording of the Drums and the Mastering. Everything else we did it ourselves, from the recordings of the guitars and bass and the mixing, to the artwork.

Our source of inspiration it’s the music itself. In our point of view, music it’s an expression of feelings, thoughts and, in general everything comes from the mind and the heart without harming anyone. Music is a weapon we can use only for good.

Through our music, we are trying to explore the human being and his connection with the infinity, the limitless possibilities of the mind and the way the universe embrace us in order to fit into it.

Despite being an instrumental act, are there some themes you find yourself applying to while composing and then performing?

We are always recording ideas in our minds, drafts in our computers, either to be edited, or to be stored for future analysis. Some of them intend to remain unimplemented.

At the beginning, before even we start to compose, we have already choose a theme and accordingly, we built a structured story with a beginning, a main part and an ending.

We are trying to imagine the pictures, the sounds, the smells .We are trying to be part of the tale. As we return from this imaginary trip, either we will be motivated by an old melody, either a new melody that would fit perfectly, will occur.

In general, the main theme that passes through in our compositions is the antithesis.

What is your inspiration for this band? What forces you to go forward and develop new ideas under the MOVEMENT OF STATIC moniker?

From where the inspiration comes and when it exceeds the limits of art, if there are any? Certainly, we extract our inspiration from our consciousness and sometimes we push our minds to dive into the unconsciousness.

Everything around us is an inspiration, a field of exploration and study. As everything around us evolves, we are trying to improve ourselves and our music.

Can you give us some insights about your plans for the rest of the year?

For the time being, we are waiting for the completion of our first video clip. It will dress visually the first song named “Telomeres” of our album. In addition , we’ve already began the process for the second album ,which is expected to be completed until the end of this year. It will be more experimental , more self-discovering .

We are always open for live concerts with nothing specific to mention right now.

How do you recall your previous touring experience?

We haven’t done any official tour yet. Instead , we’ve played a lot and beautiful gigs in Greece. The most ideal was the first one with our soul band NAXATRAS a psych stoner rock band from our hometown , we share the same drummer so we had to share the same stage. Also another one to remember, was at the Sourdstock Fest Vol9 . It was an amazing night with lots of love from the people of KOZANI. And the last unforgetable moment was the time we shared the stage with the pioneers of post rock TIDES FROM NEBULA. No words to describe that experience.

Oh yeah, I was just about to touch an that. In our pre-interview discussion, you mentioned this show and I’m always curious about the ongoing perception of our pals from TIDES FROM NEBULA. How do you view their work and their evolution as a band?

These guys know how to play post rock and how to impart their vibes to the crowd. Safeheaven is a historical album in post rock scene in our opinion. Warsaw, Poland. Just fucking rules.


Alright, so lastly, if you were me, what underrated independent artists would you interview?

My first choice would be NAXATRAS. This is a random list so if we are forgetting someone please don’t kill us.

Thanks so much for your time! The last words are yours!

It was a pleasure Karol to answer to your questions. As a final thought to people who are reading we will like to say.

“Be yourself and don’t let anyone fuck with your mind and the purity of your soul. Your body is just a means of transport and nothing else”

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