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BRAWL interviewed by Hard Boiled Zine

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Idaho’s BRAWL as recently interviewed by Hard Boiled Zine.

Brawl is Boise, Idaho-based band which delivers some straight up in-your-face hardcore with a nice NYHC touch. The band has been around for some time already and their dedication has seem to earn them a household name status amongst the local scene. Brawl has released its debut ep ‘The Bitter End’ all by themselves in 2010, which was quickly followed by a split with Black Cloud in 2011, also self released. And the band is not slowing down at all. While the new ‘Punishment’ is already available at Westcoast Worldwide and Irish Voodoo Records, the ‘Back Biter’ is expected to drop just by the end of this year.

Read the chat here.

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