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DEVIL IN ME interivewed by Legends Arising

Legends Arising magazine conducted an interviewed with Portugal’s DEVIL IN ME.

What did you expected from the Rebellion Tour this year, and how did it go?

The tour is coming to an end and tomorrow we’ll play the last show in Paris. Maybe it was the best tour for Devil In Me so far, because almost every show has been totally sold out! We actually expected that it would be a big tour, but we didn’t know it would be that big! It has been really awesome for us!

We get along pretty well with the bands, especially with Deez Nuts and H2O.What more can I say about the Rebellion Tour?! It was great seeing the reactions at the venues with a lot of kids who already starting to know DIM, and singing our songs with us! And that’s the most important thing!

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“Only God Can Judge Me” video:

“Brothers In Arms” video:

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