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Brisbane progressive dreamy metal outfit CITADEL share top 10 up & coming bands worth a listen

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Brisbane prog-metal rising stars CITADEL just dropped their virtuosic debut album ‘Decompose‘. Featurning overarching heavy, technical metalcore influences punctuated with soaring anthemic hooks, evocative vocals & euphoric synths, ‘Decompose’ is a beautifully crafted piece that is addictive and will keep you coming back for more. To celebrate, we have teamed up to give you the band’s top 10 artists and bands worth a check, showcasing various different styles, from pop punk, to deathcore.

Written and recorded with the esteemed producer Gareth Hargreaves (Polaris, Young Lions, The Brave), the quintet blends djent, metalcore and hard rock influences with an affinity for high quality production. ‘Decompose‘ is a testament to the band’s versatile musicianship, & their ability to appeal to wide audiences has already enabled them to take their platform to new heights.

Though new to the scene, Citadel has performed alongside Voyager, Redhook, The Dead Love, Mass Sky Raid, The Stranger and have been featured on Triple J, Maniacs, Wall of Sound, The AU Review, Music Feeds, AAA Backstage, Spotify “Homegrown & Heavy” editorial playlist & more. With a plethora of shows ahead of them, Citadel are one of the hardest working heavy acts in the Australian Music Scene and are paving way for a bright future ahead of them.

Top 10 Up & Coming Bands Everyone Should Check Out:


I think once more people start to pick up what they’re putting down, it’s over for everyone. They’re possibly even better live than recorded and definitely one to keep an eye on!


Any band that gets rowdy on the rooftop of a multi story carpark in the middle of the city with pyro automatically goes on this list. FFO – Let.Live & Fever333


Angry girls playing hard hitting metal


With Sworn In not Sworn Inning anymore, someone’s gotta do it and they stepped up but they did it their own way. It’s great to see them on more shows and they kill it every time.


Fun, complex pop punk/alt bangers


I saw these guys on whim at a friends show and they took no time in letting the crowd know what they’re about. If you catch wind of them playing near you, don’t sleep on it.

Nervous Light

Sad Vrisbane boys

The Comfort

Sadder Brisbane/Melbourne boys


They do metalcore and they do it well. They’re starting to get some traction interstate and If you want to see them in an intimate setting, I’d suggest doing it now because they won’t be playing small venues for much longer.


Thicc, fresh deathcore

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