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Budapest emo indie singer-songwriter THE BOY AND THE TELE effectively blends his stylings together to create a refreshing mellow evening breeze

the boy and the tele
Finding a stylistic niche is a huge challenge most artists face at some point in their music adventures and it’s no surprise, as with a plethora of reinterpretations of well-known genres and moods, it’s difficult to set yourself apart from others. A lot of bands are incapable of sounding notably different to their peers, and some of them doesn’t face that problem, despite not being particularly inventive. “Less From Me”, the newest EP from Budapest singer-songwriter THE BOY AND THE TELE doesn’t attempt to find new corners to explore, but what really anchors it is the high quality of Máté’s emotionally rich, smart, and firmly cohesive songwriting, without losing  the audacity  for experimentation. It results in a multidimensional delivery with an earnestness to its overall composition and the potential to mold into something very special in the future. Having said that, we wish Máté well in his future endeavours with THE BOY AND THE TELE and perhaps making it a full band that would reinterpret his compositions and make future records even more dense and emotion-filled. Listen to “Less From Me” below and check out the official word we got exclusively from Máté,  who offered the following about the overall inspirations behind the record:

The songs are about my last year, losing faith in any kind of spiritual or Godlike creature, looking for new things that I can rely on or believe in, seeing how people hide behind their “created life” on social media and what happens if they face reality, seeing how selfish our society became, and losing my Mom.

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Asked about the recording process, Máté explained:

This time I thought that the best option would be to do the record all by myself. So, I acquired some tools and did all the recording, programming, mixing and mastering alone. With previous albums there was always some hassle involved with depending on others. This way I could “polish” each song, try different variations of instrumentaiton, melodies or basically anything until I felt that this is the best that I can do.

THE BOY AND THE TELE will hopefully shine even more through live reinterpretations that often evolve to embody even more dynamics and personalization:

As I’m alone with my guitar in this project I’m still not sure how can these new songs work in live shows, but I’m working on “translating” them.

As for future plans, he added:

As far as other plans, I have some other song parts that I’ve already been working on. Maybe they will have a differnet instrumentation or structure, we’ll see. However, most probably these songs are going to be only singles, as it turns out people are not really intreseted even in EPs any more (said face). Nevertheless, the ultimate plan is to continue creating music until it makes me and other people happy.

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We are always striving to learn more about some fine local acts recommended by the artists we get in touch with, so here’s what Máté had to say about his friend bands:

Some of the bands that my friends are doing – and maybe it is not even one local scene – would be the followings: BERRILOOM AND THE DOOM, PIGEONCOMA [IDIOTEQ interview HERE], Hó Márton és a Jégkorszak, J.Mono, MAYBERIAN SANSKÜLOTTS. I hope the ones that I have missed will not get angry. Other then them I really see the potential in HELLO HURRICANE in becoming a pretty good band.

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