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“Try To Enjoy It” – punk’n’rollers BIG MESS flourish with diverse song craft on their new record!

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With their second full length album “Try To Enjoy It”, BIG MESS, a Danish group centred around one of the most radical DIY labels and one of the most prolific and interesting local alt / underground scenes in Europe, Copenhagen, give us a fine, socially conscious, confident offering that nods to 80s and 90s inspired, rock’n’roll infused punk rock and operates in its own nostalgic space. With smart lyrics on sorrowful shades of love, afflictions and gender awareness, BIG MESS reach out to a disenfranchised youth and older listeners who still treasure the spirit of good old intellectually refined punk rock. We’re very proud to give you the exclusive first listen of the record, as well as the full track by track commentary, served directly by the band. Play it below, check out their recent video for the album’s opener “Pick Ur Queen” and see the official commentary below.

Photo by Martin Davidsen

‘Try To Enjoy It’ by BIG MESS is out on September 29th via Indisciplinarian label.

In 2016, BIG MESS released their debut LP You Know I Care, which caused punks to hum along throughout Copenhagen. It’s hard not to – the band’s music is melodic, unpretentious, and personal. BIG MESS’ follow-up record Try To Enjoy It takes that catchiness to new heights. The album consists of twelve melodic, energetic songs about heartbreak, illness, and gender identity.

Try To Enjoy It is a melodic, energetic punk rock record, which — besides its rock n’ roll setup — also shines with its colorful instrumentation born out of imagination, play, and impulsive experimentation. Try To Enjoy It was produced by BIGMESS and Emil Hassing, and mastered by Danish punk legend Peter Peter (Sort Sol, Bleeder Group), with artwork by Anna Sofie Mørch Bendixen.

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Pick Ur Queen: Fast jangly rock = 180 bpm / Kicking it off with a poppy song so sweet it could be delivered straight from Billy Corgans icecream-truck.

Leave This Scene: Punkrock = 180 bpm / Classic BIG MESS banger in our apparent favorite tempo, to keep things steady. Featuring gang vocals and two guitar-solos – HERE WE GO!

Counting on U: Punkrock = 180 bpm / Bitterness slowly but surely sets in on this slightly more aggressive number. All one-take basic tracks, no dubs.

DoubleEdged: Steady chugging rock = 175 bpm / Taking the tempo down to foottapping-level, this is Moosemans favorite song – and the first one to be written for the album, as far as we recall!

Still S.A.D.: Upbeat rock = 173 bpm / Staying in the slightly lower tempo, this song features a pale Johnny Marr-imitation on the second verse and some banging Max Weinberg-worshipping drums.

BridesmaidCowpunk = 290 bpm / The wonderful backing singers, who also sing on a couple of other tracks, especially shine on this one.

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2 of U: Bossa nova = 138 bpm / First appearance of the horns, and our best attempt at a bossa. Slowly evolved from a more straight Velvets-type ballad into this. WE ARE 138.

Nobodys Favorite: Waltz = 160 bpm / Probably the darkest song we’re ever going to do. Sweetened by a beautiful violin

Kill ‘Em All: Fast punkrock = 205 bpm / First single from the album – and lyrically, sort of a summation of some of its main themes. We always play it way too fast live – thankfully!

Montage Feeling: Moderate rock = 300 bpm / Originally the most straight up hardcore punk song on the album, but the addition of a Carpenter-ish synthesizer made sure it didn’t stay that way.

Stay With Ur Friends: Power ballad = 124 bpm / Over the top but heartfelt power ballad. Time to shine for Michael’s vokills, the horns and the lovely piano alike.

Ny Kold: Punkrock / 180 bpm: From Mike Dirnt-channelling intro to a falling-down-the-stairs fadeout. Hope you enjoyed it!

BIG MESS band by Martin Davidsen

Photo by Martin Davidsen

BIG MESS have booked a string of Scandinavian shows throughout the coming weeks in connection with the release of the new LP, with further live updates to be expected:

30.09.2017 – Huset, Copenhagen (DK) Release show!
13.10.2017 – 128:A, Gothenburg (SE)
14.10.2017 – Blitz, Oslo (NO)
02.11.2017 – Kulturstationen, Vanloese (DK)


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