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Bulgaria’s Tigersuit Zine

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Check out this sweet Bulgarian zine called “Tigersuit”. A kind guy named Mitko runs it and he’s already published 4 issues of it. It’s available since 2010 with the fourth issue printed in July 2012 and still available. 112 pages with killer interviews and columns in both Bulgarian and English. Check it out at this location.

Contact him via [email protected] and catch him while you’re in Sofia.

About the fourth issue:

Bulgarian part: Interviews with BEYOND PINK, UNRESTRAINED (VT), Andy Hurley (FALL OUT BOY, RACETRAITOR…), Microcosm Publishing, MENTAL ARCHITECTS, Chris Bavaria (MINDSET), LAST HOPE + columns about politics, veganism, straight edge, sci-fi and more.

English part: Interviews with LOSE THE LIFE, DANGERS, BEAU NAVIRE, DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS, REMEK, Glauce XVX (Hurry Up! Records), PAWNS, FUNERAL DINER + columns by Staffan Snitting (Law & Order Zine), Dylan Powell (The Vegan Police), John Holloway and more…


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