BURNT TAPES release new EP Grower on a tree!
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BURNT TAPES release new EP Grower! On a tree! Whaat? See the details here.

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Instead of releasing their upcoming EP on a CD or vinyl record BURNT TAPES are taking a new approach. Grower consists of 4 tracks that will be available alongside a Beech tree that can be planted, in efforts to help the local environment, combat climate change and improve mental health.

As guitarist, Phil, explains: “We wanted to do something a little different, more sustainable and planet-friendly. Something you can plant and nurture, and watch grow. Don’t get me wrong, we love a good band t-shirt! But we need more green spaces in order to tackle the climate emergency, and hopefully, we can raise more awareness about this through this initiative. And most of all provide you with some wholesome family fun”.

The pandemic may have put a halt on the plans of Burnt Tapes US/UK and EU festival and tours, this year, but this hasn’t stopped them pushing on with new music, social activism and sustainability.

“Everyone’s been affected in very different ways by Corona. We are fortunate to have been healthy during this time, and we have tried to use it to reflect on ourselves and the world around us.” said Phil.

Alongside the upcoming EP, Burnt Tapes also released some acoustic songs for the Black Minds Matter charity.

Grower and the Beech Tree package will be available via Lockjaw Records.

Burnt Tapes

Burnt Tapes are a four-piece melodic punk rock band based in London, UK, known for creating their own unique brand of ‘regret punk’. Inspired by emotive heavy-hitters like Iron Chic and Polar Bear Club, their 2017 EP Alterations was a 6-track gruff-punk gem, loaded with hooks and tattoo-worthy lyrical twists.

Burnt Tapes met as teenagers in Athens, Greece; serendipitously migrating to London before forming the band in 2014. Their Wasted History demo was self-released that year.

Since then, they have played over 100 shows across Europe, sharing stages with the likes of Red City Radio, Pkew Pkew Pkew, The Penske File, Nothington and The Bombpops, as well as exciting audiences at Manchester Punk Festival, Washed Out Fest and Rebellion Festival, to name just a few. In 2017, Burnt Tapes released Alterations via Lockjaw Records and Umlaut Records. They’ve followed it in 2019 with their debut album Never Better.

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