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GBH – Legends of Punk vol.2; new DVD/BluRay on pre-sale now!

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Following on from the 1st Legends of Punk release with Discharge, the 2nd volume follows legendary UK punk band GBH.

GBH are hailed as one of the pioneering bands of the English street punk / UK82 scene. In the early 80s and GBH were amongst the top tier of British punk rock elite. Knocking on the door of the UK top 40 and playing some of the most iconic music venues in the 80s.

40 years later and the band are still playing to healthy sized crowds the world over. On the edge of an anniversary world tour – the planet is put into lockdown.

This DVD/BluRay covers the band’s entire history, in their own words, from rehearsing in Boring John’s bedroom to having pandemic shutdown their world tour by way of Mexican stage invasions and missed planes. Seethe teaser below.

Featuring approx 1 hour of gig footage, and 45 minutes of interviews with the band – backstage at gigs, online during lockdown and following the band around their hometown in Birmingham!

The release is limited to 666 copies, all numbered by the band in Birmingham, UK. Each box set comes with 2 discs (DVD and BluRay – full HD) plus a foldout A2 poster, a collection of stickers and postcards!

Pre-order a copy now at the early-bird discounted price of £15 + P&P until 15th September!

GBH live dates

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