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Spanish indie folk duo CÁLIDO HOME streaming new impressive record

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Emotional, intense folk duo CÁLIDO HOME has unleashed the full stream of their new record called “Tones And Shapes”. The new offering from Andreu Anna and Eduard Pagès marks their 2nd full length and was recorded completely live, which makes it even more special. Delicate and soulful, this empathetic record will have benefitted them enormously, no doubt.

After their debut album, released in 2013, Barcelona-based duo Cálido Home now join the label BCore Disc to release their second album ‘Tones and Shapes’ (September 2016), entirely in English and with strong North American folk music influences. The duet stand out for their intensity and the proximity of their live performances which is why their producer, Joan Pons (a well-known artist in Catalonia that goes under the name of El Petit de Cal Eril), advised them to record the album live.

Cálido Home used to call their music ‘motherfolker’, almost like an insult, but Pons asked them to turn it down a bit, to play softer, and by doing so new details appeared, a new fragility and subtleness. They have learnt that when the song is already going upwards, there’s no need to push it. They also discovered silence, inexistent in their songs until now. When Pons suggested they not play together at every moment they were first taken back and didn’t understand. But they listened, and in ‘Tones and Shapes’ silence becomes an active element in the music, the songs breath. And when a small sound like the squeak of a chair finds its way into a moment of silence, it’s welcomed: the fact that everything is not always in place can offer, if done well, a more lively and real sound. It gives the song a soul.

Eduard’s guitar is a round trip from the US West Coast to Africa; it search’s for plea- sure when playing; if he doesn’t feel that pleasure when performing a song he will never play it again. Anna’s voice, less imposed then before and quieter when the melody gets harder, reminds Joan Pons of Karen Dalton. The Cal Eril producer feels that with ‘Tones and Shapes’, Cálido Home have finally found themselves. And this time, it wasn’t hard to convince them that he was right.

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