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Canadian grinders CHADHEL detail new vicious split with Assiduous Assault on Give Praise Records

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Fresh off the release of their recent killer split with California grind band Assiduous Assault (feat. Bryan Fajardo on drums (Kil the Client, Cloud Rat, Rotten Sound)), Quebec based grinders Chadhel are joining us today with a bunch of details on the record, their influences, local music scene in Quebec and a bunch of other artists worth checking out..

Chadhel is a grindcore band from Saguenay/Lac St-Jean, Québec. (Not Canada) with 3 differents vocals tones (low ,high and in between). The band has been created in 2014 as a two band studio project by GT (Guitar and Vocal) and JP (vocal). Later on Fredo (Drum) and JR (Bass and Vocal) joined the band and completed the line up. Since 2014 Chadhel has released 3 demos ( s/t demo 2014, The second stone 2015, Occult daily grind 2016), 4 split (3-way split w/Deadcold and Défaillance 2016, w/In exile 2017, w/KickXAssXViolence 2018 and their latest w/ Assiduous Assault 2020/2021, Give Praise Records) and one Album (Controversial echoes of nihilism on PRC music (RIP) in 2019). A new album is planned for 2021 (hopefully) on Give Praise Records – Enjoy The Shred!


Speaking of the new record, the band comments: “On our latest release you can feel a slight evolution in our sound and song structure. First we changed our tuning, from drop C to drop A, it’s now way more heavier. We’ve have put more emphasis on the hook and brutality adding some grooves here and there through all the blast beats. We are now a lot faster than before, thanks to Fredo. So now, the music is more ‘’in your face’’, vicious, heavy, fast and catchy than ever before on our previous release.”

Chadhel is influenced by a myriads of bands and different styles. “Although in the grindcore spectrum we are all mostly influenced by bands like Nasum, Napalm Death, Noisear, PLF, Gridlink, The Kill, Pig Destroyer, Chepang, Antigama, Kill The Client, Discordance axis, Brutal truth, Rotten sound and Chiens.”

Lyrics wise, the band says that Chadhel takles issues like mental distress, human madness, psychological illness, the loss of mental health in face of traumatic events and the withering human condition in our present days. “All that is filtered through a Lovecraftian lens and amplified by our personal experiences.” – they conclude.

Quebec music scene

“Right now the scene in Québec is quite good and healthy, there’s a lot of great bands.” – comment Chadhel.

“For sure, like everywhere in all America there’s still no show due to the covid-19 situation, but the bands still share new stuff and live videos helping to keep the feeling that the scene is still alive. There’s a lot of awesome bands here in Québec like Miscreated, I See You, Défaillance, Deadcold, Spirit of rebellion, Cruel Fate, L’habit Me Suce Le Moine, Nervous Impulse, Soil of Ignorance, Aulnes, Autodafé, Apes, Gorguts, Who cares?, Afterpill and we can add the Metal Minded podcast (Metal Minded – YouTube). The guys are making a great job promoting the local scene and local breweries.”

“If we stay in the grindcore zone there are band like Chepang who released ‘’Chatta’’ on Nerve altar records, Gurhka commando blast team and Holy goats records that is a pure masterpiece. From Québec The new release and first Lp of Soil of ignorance ‘’Stop the Madness’’ is a gem of grindcore brutality. In a more powerviolence/hardcore vibe there’s the Peace Test ‘’Uniform Repression’’ 7 inch released on To live a Lie Records that i (GT) can’t stop to listen. To finish i would recommend the new Cognizant Lp released on Self Made God Records with Bryan Fajardo on drum and Yurving Lopez on guitar, it’s a damn flawless and catchy album of dissonant tech grind.”

Here a couple of extra top 10 lists by CHADHEL:

Top 10 Powerviolence bands: 1- Sex prisoner. 2- PowerXchuck. 3- Travolta. 4- Gets Worse. 5- Peace Test. 6- Harm done 7- Spazz. 8- No comment 9- Scholastic deth. 10- Endless Swarm.

Top 10 Grindcore bands: 1- Gridlink. 2- Nasum. 3- Excruciating terror. 4- The Kill. 5- Chepang. 6- Phobia. 7- XChiensX. 8- Jack. 9- Noisear. 10- Terrorizer.

Top 10 ‘’80’s’’ bands: 1- Adolescents. 2- Verbal Abuse. 3- Minor threat. 4- Poison Idea. 5- d.y.s. 6- Descendent. 7- Black Flag. 8- Bad brains 9- Dead Kennedys 10- 7 Seconds.

Top 10 best inspiring movies: 1- Dazed and confused. 2- Fear and loathing in Las Vegas. 3- Spinal Tap. 4-Scarface. 5- Robocop. 6- Heavy Metal. 7- Carlito’s Way. 8- Total Recall. 9- Friday the 13th. 10- Wayne’s World.

Chadhel is: JP : Vocals (High), GT : Guitar and vocal (Low), JR : Bass and vocal (In between) and Fredo : Drums.

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