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Canadian punk rockers BOLTERGEIST streaming debut EP “Maybe Next Year”

BOLTERGEIST is the latest signing to Canadian punk rock label High End Denim Records. Featuring members of Trashed Ambulance and Frank Dux, Boltergeist is a spicy blend of Alkaline Trio styled rock and the catchy skate punk their other bands are known for. Their debut EP, Maybe Next Year, dropped on June 4 via High End Denim Records.

Despite living on opposite ends of Canada, the boys do plan on playing some shows in the future once they are safe to do so. In the meantime, you can enjoy their 2 YouTube videos and lead singles on your favourite streaming platforms!

Boltergeist has been about 2 years in the making, with Maybe Next Year being the debut EP to show for it. Recorded from homes, provinces apart, this EP marks a small departure from what their other bands typically play.

Frontman/bassist Joel: “It’s been a lot of fun to make this EP. Both getting to explore some of my more mid-tempo influences, while also trying to write lyrics more about ideas than personal experiences.”

With lyrical content ranging from personal loss to mental illness to never leaving your hometown, Boltergeist is not afraid to focus on serious issues while still writing catchy, poppy melodies to the backdrop of fun music videos. As the world opens up and more songs appear, keep an eye out for this trio as they trudge forwards into the great unknown!

Canadian punk rockers BOLTERGEIST streaming debut EP “Maybe Next Year”
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