CANDLEMASS leader denies break up rumours

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Although CANDLEMASS announced a while ago that their new album will be their last, bassist/leaderLeif Edling told Terrorizer that they are not going to split up.

Edling elaborates:

We’re not splitting up. Yes, this is to be our last album, but we don’t plan to disappear from the scene for quite awhile. We will tour this year, hopefully the next one as well, and then there’s our upcoming 30th anniversary. So plenty more doom to come! It’s just that we want to stop before we get too old and start putting out half-lame albums. Instead, we’ll slowly fade away into the sunset with our dignity intact. We’re not young anymore. Actually, some of the stuff I’ve been writing for this album ism in fact, about saying goodbye. It’s a bit psalm-like in parts and has got a big epic vibe.

He later added:

I have got a very good feeling about this album. It’s so metal, so heavy, so doomy, so epic.. It’s fucking colossal! I think this will turn out as good as ‘Death Magic Doom’, something I thought would be impossible.

CANDLEMASS‘ last studio album, “Death Magic Doom”, was released in 2009.

CANDLEMASS – “Dark Reflections” video:

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