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Captivating Italian emo act SUIRAMI premiere new record “Novilunio”

“Novilunio” by Italian act SUIRAMI is the rare effort that reveals new depth within a catalog of genre that already seemed so well explored and documented. It takes its lead from bands like THE PROMISE RING and early THE GET UP KIDS and results in a soulful, almsot flawless offering. Presented through a number of DIY labels, Upwind Productions, Burning Bungalow, Pozzorosso session, Lostdog Records, Equal Rights, Oceano Records, Roberto Tuttipazzi Tipi, Antonio Pacomio, Rimini Hardcore, Anonima Impressori, Strigide Records, and Insonnia Lunare Records, “Novilunio” can be heard right here:

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